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All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

WildStar’s devs and fans love on the game two years after its demise

This past weekend saw a special and sad date for WildStar fans, as November 28th marked the two-year anniversary of the game's closure. Some...

WildStar’s composer creates a brand-new music track for terminally ill player

For those of you who traveled in WildStar's orbit back in the day, you may remember a guy named Avidguru. Avid hosted the WildCast...
Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

WildStar’s Jen Ortiz leaves Carbine

WildStar is down another high-profile member of its development team this week with the loss of Carbine Senior Product Manager Jen Ortiz. On Twitter Friday,...
Home sweet home.

Carbine previews WildStar’s Primal Matrix horizontal advancement, defends ‘massive’ scope

WildStar kicked off 2017 with a bang last week with the reveal of the Power of the Primal Matrix update, a "massive" endgame update...

WildStar devs tour through Winterfest, hint at ‘exciting’ additions to come

As 2016 comes to a close, the WildStar team is scooting down your chimney to talk about the year in review, the current Winterfest...

WildStar promises ‘exciting features’ and new content in 2017

WildStar is "rocketing" into 2017, declares a new dev blog from Carbine's clearly indefatigable Chad "Pappylicious" Moore today. After recapping last month's Redmoon Mutiny...
Plus one.

WildStar’s Arcterra Q&A says Carbine is working on LFG queueing

Carbine has posted a video version of its WildStar Arcterra Q&A from Friday for those who missed it. Community Manager DD "Sunshine" Hollis and Game...

WildStar performs three-hour rollback due to technical glitch

Yesterday wasn't one of WildStar's better days of operation, as a technical glitch started causing players to lose characters, items, and saved wardrobe outfits....

WildStar’s Chad Moore: ‘There are still exciting days ahead’

Last Friday's announcement from Carbine about its layoffs and WildStar's cancelled China launch was doused in a double-dipping of PR-speak. For those who found that...
Nobody can get enough of the rock.

WildStar is definitely still launching on Steam

WildStar's Chad Moore reassured Reddit and Twitter today that the game's Steam launch is still on the way following last Friday's news that 40% of...

WildStar’s PvP plan means server consolidation on PvE worlds

WildStar Game Director Chad "Pappy" Moore has big plans for reigniting the PvP flame in the beleaguered sci-fi MMO. "Increasingly over time the majority...

WildStar’s new game director Chad Moore on the state of the game

Chad Moore is moving up the ranks in Carbine Studios; after a long tenure as the lore expert, Moore is now the director behind...

E3 2015: WildStar is adding much more than F2P this fall

The fact that WildStar is transitioning to a free-to-play model this fall is old news now. Folks have been hashing out their opinions on...

WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

Critics, current players, former players, people who had briefly heard about the title from friends and family - a lot of people didn't think...