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Champions Online’s third anniversary week sees Dr. Destroyer and his Destroids attack the city

Dr. Destroyer. Boy, what a comic book-y villain name. I love his '80s-style cheese. I love his Marc Silvestri-looking metallic outfit. And I love...

Champions Online celebrates 11th birthday with costume gender-swapping

With multiple in-development superhero MMOs offering up their character and costume creation tools for players this summer, it's the perfect time for Champions Online...

The MOP Up: Legends of Runeterra unwraps a new expansion

Riot Games' digital card game Legends of Runeterra made a big splash this past week as it released its first big expansion. "The Call of...

Champions Online wraps up its current story arc with The Midnight Depths

Some new content is always better than no new content, and so Champions Online players have not complained to be finally receiving new story...

Champions Online and David Brevik pay their respects to Chadwick Boseman

You've no doubt seen the tragic news that Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman passed away on Friday at the age of 43 due to...
I'm not him! I don't even look like him!

Champions Online wants you to create a developer’s costume

One of the unique perks of working on Champions Online for Cryptic is that each developer gets his or her own in-game avatar, complete...

Champions Online invites you to kill bugs with fire (or frost, lightning, or plasma)

Bugs! Spiders! Creepy crawlies! If these pests invade your home, you have our full permission to exterminate with extreme prejudice. And if giant-sized versions...

Massively Overthinking: Jumping the shark in MMOs

I'm sure those few people out there still bearing a grudge over the Rune-keeper would disagree with me, but one of the things that...

Legends of Runeterra prepares the Call of the Mountain card set

Riot Games' Runeterra is steaming ahead with an ambitious roadmap and a sizable content release later this month. On August 26th, the digital card...
Still running.

TERA Battle Arena walks you through how this MOBA works

Yeah, so, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the weirdness that is TERA's surprising announcement last month that it is going...

EVE Online kicks off a series of competitive Proving Ground events

There's barely any reason to instigate a fight in EVE Online since players can simply blow you apart for the crime of logging on...

Champions Online players have a week to slay Vlad Dracul in the latest limited-time challenge

There's yet another limited-time menace for players of Champions Online, and this one sounds like a doozy. It's Vlad Dracul, the supervillainous version of...

Champions Online gets doubly patriotic this weekend

When you are a superhero, you bring the fireworks with you! There's plenty of reason to sparkle and shine in Champions Online this weekend,...

Neverwinter’s Avernus, Star Trek Online’s House Divided launch as Cryptic offers 20th anny rewards

It's a big day for Cryptic Studios as the company is celebrating two decades in the industry, releasing Avernus for Neverwinter, and dropping House...
Bye forever!

Cryptic’s MMOs will be offline much of June 23 and 25 for lengthy maintenance

We hope that you hadn't earmarked long stretches of time to play the various MMOs by Cryptic Studios on Tuesday or Thursday. The team's games...

Legends of Runeterra will get new modes and its first event during the Season of Fortune

What's coming next for Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra? A fair number of things according to a recent dev blog which outlines what players...

Battle Bards Episode 171: Forest Tales 2

Hitch up your shorts, buckle your boots, and step into another deep forest of MMORPG music with the Battle Bards! As diverse as the...

MapleStory’s latest update adds a new character and revamps existing skills, map activities, and guild activities

Last week saw MapleStory add a beefy update to the game which has, among other things, introduced a new character, made a variety of...

Massively Overthinking: Do you keep MMOs installed for the login freebies?

MOP reader Styopa proposed this fun topic for Massively Overthinking this week, prompted, he said, by Standing Stone Games' recent promotions for Lord of...

Perfect Ten: The most fun pre-launch MMO runs

You know what's really fun? The build-up to an MMO's release, especially when you're really invested in that particular game. Some of my fondest...