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Flameseeker Chronicles: Amazing Guild Wars 2 in-game Halloween costumes

I’ve devoured all of my homemade pumpkin pasties and downed the last of my butterbeer while enjoying the Halloween festivities in Guild Wars 2, gaining some very pretty treats for my playtime. One of my favourite parts of the Halloween season is seeing characters in costume, though: Only in GW2 — aka Fashion Wars — will you see so many characters getting into the season while playing the Mad King’s games and generally being festive. The best effort I put forward this year was to apply more Abyss dye to smoke out my usual armour colour scheme and equip some spookier weapon skins, so I’m always blown away by the effort some people make to get into the spooky spirit. Costuming is a year-long pursuit for many players, but Halloween seems to bring out the most awesome character cosplays and gives me a perfect opportunity to showcase the talent in the GW2 community.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’m going to showcase some of my favourite character costumes from 2016, as spotted in-game, spied on the season-focused Guild Wars 2 Reddit threads, and during my random browsing of far too many GW2 YouTube videos. Be sure to add screenshots of your costumes in the comments for me to check out, and don’t forget to share any real-life character cosplays you wore as well!
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Black Desert players are up in arms over the P2W Ghillie Suit

There’s some controversy in the Black Desert community about an item that you can buy offering a serious advantage, and yes, it’s the Ghillie Suit. You knew it was going to be the Ghillie Suit. “No, I didn’t know that,” you say. “What the heck is the Ghillie Suit?”

The Ghillie suit is one of the many costumes available in Black Desert‘s cash shop that can alter your character’s appearance. It also has another advantage, allowing players who wear it to hide their nameplates. A relatively small advantage in a PvP situation, but still an advantage.

A poster on Reddit has claimed that this completely ruined the game for him, as he is red-green colorblind, and without the additional contrast from a character’s nameplate, it’s impossible to see someone stand out from the background while moving around. There’s no official word on the situation from the developer, but players are upset that a vanity item is providing a sizable in-game advantage to those who purchase it — upset enough to lodge 1500+ posts as of this writing, pushing the post to the front page of Reddit.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Jasdemi for the tip!