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Interview: Crowfall’s Rhea Shelley on what to expect from Revival’s big class update

Over the past few weeks, we've been covering update 6.200 arriving in (the now beta) Crowfall. The Revival, as ArtCraft is calling it, introduces...

The MMO Cartographer: In the Echo of Echo of Soul

How much would you pay to play a game that has been shut down as a free-to-play game and then re-released as a buy-to-play...

Indie MMO Inferna adds guilds and greatly improves game performance

It's been a good long while since we last checked in with Inferna, an indie fantasy MMORPG that's being crafted by a small development...

First Impressions: OARPG Torchlight III just hasn’t click-clicked with me yet

Since it never hurts to be honest, I should say upfront here that Echtra Games' decision to radically retool Torchlight III from a F2P...

Full-loot PvP MMORPG Profane postpones end-of-year testing, now counts 43 staff

At the top of 2020, we covered a new MMO called Profane, one that sparked a lot of discussion over its full-loot, open PvP...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of SWTOR’s launch soundtrack

I got so excited when Star Wars: The Old Republic included its soundtrack in the collector's edition back at launch. However, we all discovered...
Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

World of Warcraft shows off customization changes coming with the Shadowlands pre-patch

Every World of Warcraft fan knows that the Shadowlands pre-patch remains locked in a future of indeterminate date, forever happening "soon" without an actual announcement....

Conan Exiles’ producer explains healing and food tweaks, outlines update plans for the Isle of Siptah

I haven't read many of the Conan the Barbarian books, but I'm reasonably sure that whenever he was brought low in a fight, he...

The Survivalist: First impressions of Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion

Framed. Convicted. Exiled. Now, shipwrecked? What do the fates have in store for me next? Perhaps this Isle of Siptah will be my redress....

Champions Online celebrates 11th birthday with costume gender-swapping

With multiple in-development superhero MMOs offering up their character and costume creation tools for players this summer, it's the perfect time for Champions Online...

First impressions: New World has the foundation of what could be a great game

Like a lot of people, I've been hotly anticipating Amazon's New World, one of the first truly big name new MMOs we've seen in...
Owliest bears.

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s getting shifty with the Shifter

Dungeons and Dragons Online's newest race is going through the paces on the test server right now, which means that before long, players will...

Into the Super-verse: Early impressions of Valiance Online

When I heard that Valiance Online was going to be running an open beta this week to coincide with the PlayNYC convention, I knew...
Choppy choppy.

Here’s 22 minutes of video explaining what we know about Elyon’s beta version so far

Beta testing for Elyon, aka The Game Formerly Known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, has been ongoing in Korea for a little while now while...
Yeah, it's never happening.

SEGA clarifies what exactly Phantasy Star Online 2’s standalone revamp is

Yesterday's big Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis announcement left pretty much everyone confused about what exactly it is. A do-over? An expansion? A...

Perfect Ten: What makes me feel welcome when trying out your MMO

While it's not "standing in front of your high school in your underpants and reciting a difficult Shakespeare passage" level of anxiety, there is...

Conan Exiles’ latest patch for PC runs into server issues, crashes, and lost characters

Nobody wants a patch to an MMO or multiplayer game to arrive covered in bugs and problems, but that's just what Conan Exiles players...
No custom.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands continues to roll through testing with new transport animations and customization

There are some races that are still waiting on new customization options within World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' alpha testing. But others are getting their...

Black Desert writes a season server guide and opens character pre-registration, mobile adds New Valencia

If you're among the Black Desert players eager to find out about the upcoming season server type that was announced at this year's Heidel...

Star Citizen’s free fly event extends due to consistent technical issues

This past weekend was meant to be a big moment for Star Citizen, with the start of its Invictus Launch Week free fly event...