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Oh, hey guy.

WildStar struggles with lag, bugs after F2P conversion [Updated]

It's been a long and stressful day-and-a-half for both WildStar players and Carbine, as the game's free-to-play patch resulted in horrendous lag, lengthy queues,...

The Stream Team: Diving into Devilian

Do you want to see what Devilian's alpha is like? You're in luck: MassivelyOP's MJ is heading in to check out this new fantasy...

The Stream Team: Peeking behind WildStar’s beta doors

MassivelyOP's MJ was all set to sneak you behind WildStar's closed beta doors to give you a peek at what's going on for the...

Chronicles of Elyria dev blog: Aging, offline leveling, and the business model

Announced earlier this year, Chronicles of Elyria is a startup sandbox in a sea of such sandboxes, but some of its features are rare even...

WildStar plans quality-of-life improvements, midnight relaunch

WildStar's massive free-to-play transition and patch is less than a week away, which means that Carbine is getting to the end of its revelations. Today...

MMO Burnout: Star Wars Uprising

When I heard that Disney's first foray into the new Star Wars gaming universe was a mobile-only RPG, it made me sort of angry....

BLESS shows off character customization in video

Fans of robust character generators will appreciate the range of customization available in BLESS. With the final Korean closed beta less than two weeks...

SkySaga’s latest alpha patch adds playable monkeys and a dinosaur zone

Alpha 5 for SkySaga has landed -- and the monkeys have hit the fan. Playable monkey characters are only the surface for this massive game...

Valiance teases its character creation progress

In-development superhero MMO Valiance Online updated its website today with a few pics showing off its character creation system. The textual description refers to the...

WildStar’s changing its tutorial and character creation

WildStar lead designer Brianna Schneider has penned a lengthy dev blog examining the title's early game improvements. The impending free-to-play conversion will feature a...

Gamescom 2015: WildStar F2P beta is now live!

The announcement that WildStar developers Carbine Studios plan to make the MMO the latest addition to our ever-growing free-to-play piles happened a while ago...
Yeah, there's no version of this that ends well.

Saga of Lucimia posts character creation video on Twitch

The Saga of Lucimia promises to be a sandbox MMO with absolutely no solo content. None whatsoever. And it's aiming to accomplish this with...

City of Titans demos its first costume and combat prototypes

It's been a little quiet on the City of Titans development front for a while, but when you see the game's most recent video, you'll understand...

Crowfall walks you through the life of your character

Today Crowfall treated its fans to a whopper of a dev diary detailing the path of progression that a character will take from a...