Well, I mean... all right.

Ghost in the Shell Online adds a new operative, a new map, and new guns

There's a new operative in town for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online (or just Ghost in the Shell...
I thought she was a puppy.

SMITE kicks off the Rising Dawn promotional event

Amaterasu is the Japanese goddess of the sun, a new deity within SMITE's deific roster and a flexible one besides. But bringing Amaterasu alone...

Heroes of the Storm is adding Genn Greymane to its lineup today

It feels like it's been forever since Heroes of the Storm announced the addition of Gilnean ruler Genn Greymane to its roster, but he...

Dungeon Fighter Online welcomes female ninja next week

Next week's update for Dungeon Fighter Online will add a new character to the mix: Kunoichi, the girl on fire. There's been no word yet...
Yeah, we're boned.

MapleStory preps character server transfer event

So you've been playing MapleStory for a while, but when you convinced your friends to start playing, they all wound up playing on a...
At its core, this is just a couples' shot.

The Daily Grind: What keeps you from roleplaying?

I really, really enjoy roleplaying. It's one of the biggest ways that I enjoy a game. I like coming up with elaborate character backstories...
No one liked Warlords. ANd let's be clear, that's because it was bad.

The Daily Grind: What MMO characters have you stuck with for years?

The header picture is of my Shaman in World of Warcraft. I made her with the launch of The Burning Crusade because of course...
What happend to your boobs, Kitty?

You can’t touch Kitty Pryde in this Marvel Heroes trailer

What do Kitty Pryde and MC Hammer have in common? It's not the parachute pants; it's the fact that you literally can't touch Kitty...
Three nutjobs are better than one.

Wakfu explains Companies and the foundations behind its new Hero system

Why control just one character when you can control three? That's the core of Wakfu's new Heroes system, and the latest development blog explains...
Very smooth.

Guild Wars 2 teases the Revenant elite specialization without much subtlety

The upcoming Revenant will have an elite specialization in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns just like the other professions in the game. What...
Let's do this old gag again.

Gamescom 2015: Blizzard answers more World of Warcraft: Legion questions

Everyone who cares about World of Warcraft wants to know more about Legion, even though the details are likely to remain vague for the...
Storming of the hero.

Gamescom 2015: Blizzard shows off new heroes and maps for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm players are going to have quite a bit to look forward to in the near future. The game's newest map,...
Losing in a way that's incidentally the same as not in fact losing at all.

League of Legends does not in fact kill off Gangplank for real at all

Just a few days ago, dear reader, we wrote to you about how League of Legends had done something novel by killing off the...

Find out the secrets of Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man

Marvel Heroes' 49th hero, Ant-Man, will be coming to the game soon to coincide with the character's theatrical debut. While the game's been selling...
this isn't sad at all alexa play dogsong

Overwatch unveils the mysterious Soldier: 76

The big lore dump for Overwatch yesterday did not come from nowhere. Hot on the heels of that article connecting the mysterious Soldier: 76 to the...

Heroes of the Storm readies Eternal Conflict patch

Last week, Heroes of the Storm launched. But that was the past, and Blizzard is all about looking ahead to the future. Part of...

Overwatch shows off the turret-building gameplay of Torbjörn

Torbjörn, aside from having a name that's very satisfying to type when you're familiar with Unicode inputs, is a simple kind of guy. He...
Gothier than thou.

See Overwatch’s Reaper in all of his dark, billowing action

Reaper's life in Overwatch is pretty difficult. His whole schtick is being dark and mysterious and wraithly and so forth, but that can't work well...
Where the 'hood at.

The Daily Grind: What MMO characters have you unexpectedly loved?

I made my Crab Spider in City of Heroes primarily because I wanted to have someone as a spider. My character concept for her...
Drawing on the rick history of scholarly dudes built like professional bodybuilders.

Heroes of the Storm confirms Kael’thas and promises a Reddit Q&A

Good news, Blizzard fans! Kael'thas Sunstrider has been confirmed as the next hero being added to Heroes of the Storm. Now you can entertain...