Boring plus boring equals still boring. Today in boring math.

Paragon walks through the mechanics of its upcoming character Revenant

What do you know about Paragon's upcoming new hero, Revenant? If you were asked that before watching the video down below, it might...
Wow, color coordination.

Overwatch releases a comic about the past; next hero is far along in development

The backstory of Overwatch could probably be a game in and of itself, considering that the game takes place after the eponymous organization...
So we're just going to make the joke, yes.

Marvel Heroes adds Nick Fury to the cast and offers Medusa as a team-up option

The 62nd playable hero has been added to the Marvel Heroes roster, and he is tired of these mother- snakes on this mother-...
we still don't know when we're tessssssting

Master x Master introduces Koom and Vonak

Eager to know when everyone gets to play Master x Master? We can't tell you that, on account of not actually knowing. Still,...

Heroes of the Storm shows off Lucio and new mounts/skins

At the rate Heroes of the Storm is currently going, we'll soon wind up with every Overwatch cast member in the game....

Revelation Online introduces future players to Akuta

Look, over there! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the main character an anime that you'd stop watching two episodes in! It's
Yes, very good, that's a dingo.

Zul’jin joins the cast of Heroes of the Storm

As the Horde pushed north following the destruction of Stormwind, the Alliance dogged their forces and conspired to push them back. But the Horde...
We're throwing this party real low-key, right?

The Daily Grind: What character creators in MMORPGs frustrate you to no end?

The problem I have with the character creator in The Elder Scrolls Online is not that it lacks power; it's got that. My...
I feel prettier.

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack?

You know what games need? Piercings. More piercings in general. Why can I not have any piercings beyond my ears in Final Fantasy...

Gigantic steamrolls in with a spotlight on the Margrave

He's large! He's demonic! He's definitely been skipping leg day! He's the Margrave, and he's the latest hero in Gigantic's lineup, quite possibly...

Crowfall shows off the many faces (and colors) of character customization

It's easy to look at all of Crowfall's screenshots up to now and be vaguely reminded of throwing action figures against one another....
Playing this guy, for example, would be a good reason.

The Daily Grind: When was the last time you completely changed your main in an MMO?

There's never really a reason to completely swap mains in Final Fantasy XIV unless you really, really want to have another character. You're...
Stop, woman, no crying.

The Division’s crying woman is no longer crying… or present

Before patch 1.4, The Division featured a crying woman in the Grindhouse. Why was she crying? Nobody knows, but considering that the game...
So. Bye?

Heroes of the Storm highlights Varian Wrynn and his multiple specs

King Varian Wrynn in Heroes of the Storm is a Warrior. Not just in the MOBA-specific terminology, either; he's a Warrior in the...
Warp Restraining Orders

Atlas Reactor shows off Kaigin the Warpstalker

The newest character in Atlas Reactor, Kaigin, does not respect the personal space of warp. He's sneaking through warp's closets and taking compromising...

Beast is coming to Marvel Heroes, bringing the roster to 60

He's big, he's blue, he's erudite, and he has never turned back into a normal human by getting a kiss from a pretty lady....

Gigantic offers a video spotlight on Tyto the Swift

There are only two kinds of people who would really try to have "the Swift" after their name: really quick people and really slow...
This is going to go exactly how you think, if you actually think about it.

Paragon shows off the Countess, arriving October 25th

Late October is the time to start having the creepy stuff show up in your game, right? Like a vampire stalking you in the...
The rumor, the danger, the threat, the horror.

Rumor: Overwatch’s Sombra and a new PvE mode have been uncovered

Who is Sombra in Overwatch? In a way, you could say that we're all Sombra, but that statement wouldn't make any sense. A...

Heroes of the Storm appoints the blademaster Samuro to its roster

Heroes of the Storm will eventually spread to encompass every single character Blizzard has ever placed in a game, no matter how obscure....