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Make My MMO: Crowfall’s GvG tourney is dishing out $50K in cash and prizes

This week in crowdfunded MMOs, you could win a slice of $25,000! Or you could if you're a badass in crowdfunded beta MMO Crowfall,...

Chris Metzen’s Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent Kickstarter funded in 11 minutes flat

Remember a month ago when former World of Warcraft VIP Chris Metzen announced a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting and book called Auroboros:...

Ex-World of Warcraft dev Chris Metzen is making a new Dungeons & Dragons world

World of Warcraft fans who miss seeing the wild and fuzzy face of Chris Metzen are granted visiting privileges this week to check out...
You really shouldn't have.

Former WoW story VP Chris Metzen returns to gaming with new tabletop company

Chris Metzen hasn't made a ton of headlines since his retirement from Blizzard back in 2016, but as turns out, that's because he's been...
This seems like more of a half-move.

World of Warcraft makes some big last-minute class adjustments before Battle for Azeroth

As the final few days count down before Battle for Azeroth drops, World of Warcraft's developers are making some significant last-minute class adjustments to...
It only became real very recently.

Ex-World of Warcraft Lead Chris Metzen urges fans ‘don’t panic’ over the current storyline

It's been a fun week watching the World of Warcraft community freak, rage, and despair over the latest chapter of the Battle for Azeroth...

How Project Titan and Overwatch prompted Chris Metzen to leave Blizzard

Months later, the World of Warcraft community is still coming to grips with the absence of Chris Metzen, who decided to retire from Blizzard...
It was a different time.

World of Warcraft datamining points to new WoW Token use in patch 7.1.5

Do you remember BlizzCon 2016? It was just a couple of weeks ago, surely you do. One of the topics on discussion was letting...

Global Chat: Is casual raiding in MMORPGs an oxymoron?

Do you scoff, chortle, or sneer when you hear the phrase "casual raiding" among the MMO community? You might be laughing at your own ignorance...

WoW loses three more developers: Craig Amai, Tyson Murphy, and James Waugh

Looks like Blizzard has lost more than just Chris Metzen this week; MMO Champion reports that World of Warcraft Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai has...

Chris Metzen departs Blizzard, World of Warcraft for retirement

Chris Metzen announced this evening that he is leaving Blizzard and "retiring" -- and he says he means it. Formally Blizzard's Senior Vice President of...
So perhaps some clothes?

Blizzard eyes mobile development, player-created content, and faster updates for the future

When you think mobile gaming, chances are that super-casual (and extremely cheap) titles come to mind. Blizzard might be looking to change that stereotype,...