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Perfect Ten: MMO arguments we need to put down

You know what I hate? No, not just botting. No, not people with more cash to spend on game development than sense about whether...

Star Citizen is working on planets and tech, and also Chris Roberts’ kids are adorable

This week's Star Citizen Around the Verse is... let's call it mini, clocking in under five minutes. But CIG's Chris Roberts and Eric Kieron...

Choose My Adventure: Sorry, everyone, but I had fun in Star Citizen

In spite of best efforts and even better advice, it's often pretty easy to have other folks bring you down for enjoying something. We...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG studio had the best communication in 2018?

This past fall, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts raised more than a few eyebrows when he claimed that "no other game shares as much information...

Star Citizen ATV, Squadron 42’s projected 2020 beta, and Cloud Imperium’s $46M private investment

This week's Around the Verse does touch on the 3.4 release of Star Citizen, but the big news is definitely from Squadron 42, which...

You HAVE to see these Roaring Twenties-inspired Star Citizen clothes concept pieces

Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are back at the helm of Star Citizen's Around the Verse this week, and it's fun! But let's be...

Massively Overthinking: The best and worst MMO developer quotes of 2018

It's become a tradition on Massively OP to include among our end-of-the-year roundups and editorials and retrospectives a run-down of our favorite - and least favorite - MMO dev quotes of the year, be they obscure, poignant, or just plain dumb. So once again, for this week's Massively Overthinking, I've asked our staff to offer up those quotes and then reflect on what we from the year and reflect on just what we've learned from them.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts: ‘No one is attempting to do what we are doing’

As we noted on Saturday, Star Citizen hit $200 million in crowdfunding - and that prompted a letter from the chairman penned by Chris...

Star Citizen is delaying quite a bit of alpha 3.4 into 3.5 to make its December goal – including female toons

Cloud Imperium's Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts are back with another episode of Star Citizen's Around the Verse - with good news and bad...

Star Citizen on underground bunker design, looking ahead to alpha 3.4, and closing in on $200M

This week's Star Citizen Around the Verse continues the post-CitizenCon catch-up, this time featuring the underground bunker on Hurston, including the layout, design, and...

Star Citizen’s latest Around the Verse video delves into designing CitizenCon’s demo mission

Another week is behind us, which means it's time for another installment of Star Citizen's Around the Verse video series. This week, Chris Roberts...

Star Citizen’s Around the Verse recaps Squadron 42 and CitizenCon 2948

Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are back after CitizenCon last week with another Star Citizen Around the Verse video, and this time it's all...

Recapping Star Citizen’s CitizenCon 2018, plus the new Squadron 42 trailer

"Well, you can't accuse us of not running a live demo," Chris Roberts quipped today during CitizenCon when the Star Citizen demo he was...

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon 2018 has officially begun – here’s how to watch at home

Just as this post goes live, Star Citizen's "CitizenCon 2948" in Austin, Texas, throws open its doors. You might recall there was initially some fuss over...

The crucial part of Star Citizen’s alpha 3.3, OCS, will make it into the build by CitizenCon after all

If you were put out by the delay of Star Citizen's alpha 3.3's features to the hastily fabricated 3.3.5 patch, well, you can stop...

Star Citizen partially reverses CitizenCon streaming paywall decision after community erupts

Note: We've updated the end of this post with the latest developments since the article went live Friday morning. The Star Citizen subreddit has been...

Star Citizen shows off atmo moon landscapes, dishes on the studio’s dev process

In this week's Around the Verse, Star Citizen's Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts have a stack of gorgeous environmental pan shots for your to...

Star Citizen highlights community rover events, the group system, and atmospheric worlds

Cloud Imperium's Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts are both back in the latest instalment of Star Citizen's Around the Verse. You've probably noticed the...
Mean elf.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 181: Some devs just want to watch the world tree burn

Justin and Bree discuss World of Warcraft's lore drama, Star Citizen's stockpiling controversy, DDO's new expansion, Riot's MMO tease, Albion's Merlyn, and TESO's DLC, with mailbag entry on the Horde impact and SC's pay-to-win.
It takes some work to find new jokes to be made here.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts downplays currency stockpiling controversy: ‘You win by having fun’

Pay-to-win? What's that? That's just your silly imagination getting worked up over nothing. This seems to be the company line concerning RSI's Star Citizen and...