christmas 2019

Wakfu overhauls the Sadida Kingdom region and celebrates Kwismas

No, that's not a typo of "Christmas" - that's actually what Wakfu calls its seasonal event, which went live last week along with a...

Winter events kick off in Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, Conan Exiles launches a holiday contest

It seems like a lot of MMOs and multiplayer games are starting to realize that Christmas is arriving in less than a week. Case...

Defiance 2050 launches the Solstice Strike and Trove kicks off Snowfest 2019

Don't you dare think that Gamigo's stable of MMOs were going to be left out of the ongoing seasonal shenanigans, nuh-uh. Both Defiance 2050...

RuneScape kicks off its holiday festivities, reworks challenges, and fixes combat input issues

With the holidays fast approaching, RuneScape has been working up to its brand of seasonal goodness since the beginning of this month. The most...

Grab a MU Online, C9, Flyff, or Rappelz holiday bundle in Webzen’s Winter giveaway

Webzen is celebrating the yule holidays with a pile of wintry events across its whole catalogue of MMOs, including a company-wide promotion, 22 days...
This image hurts.

TERA balls up another round of Wintera starting today

It's time to enjoy the winter snowfall in TERA with the annual rollout of the game's winter festival, dubbed... Wintera. Is that supposed to...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday has arrived – go get your festive sweater

As promised, Guild Wars 2's winter holiday events, gathered up in Wintersday, have arrived today. There's kind of a lot of stuff to keep...

The Elder Scrolls Online brings back the New Life Festival on December 19

Are you ready to spread some cheer across Tamriel? The New Life Festival in The Elder Scrolls Online is coming in just a couple...

Black Desert drops winter holiday festivities on PC, Shai and Mystic awakenings on PS4

You guys have noticed how Black Desert's console versions seem to go back and forth every week with updates on the road to parity,...

Astellia Online welcomes players to Snow Valley, begins free trial weekends

It's been a cold December for Astellia Online so far, mainly due to the news that its Korean version is slated to shut down...

DC Universe Online’s Seasons Greedings seasonal event brings new feats and festive items

Discounting the rather greedy title of DC Universe Online's seasonal event (it makes more sense when you realize it involves Larfleeze, the wielder of...
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World of Warcraft brings the Feast of Winter Veil around once again

It's beginning to look a lot like red jumpsuits on Dwarves in World of Warcraft as the Feast of Winter Veil returns once again. At...

City of Titans is adding fixes to the character creator and a seasonal mission

Just because City of Titans is still in development doesn't mean it can't get in on the holiday season. The in-progress superhero MMO is...

EVE Online details Triglavian recruitment tactics, High-Sec fights, and holiday events

For those of us who view events in EVE Online as more interesting to watch than actually participate in, then the events outlined in...
He's a stranger. You don't know him.

OrbusVR brings around the Festival of Strangers for its winter holiday

So let's say a bunch of weird white-furred ape-men invade and smash up your village, leading you to form a party to beat them...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends plans Life Day, new heroics, and a contest judged by George Lucas’ son

SWTOR and Fortnite aren't the only games in our wheelhouse that are jumping on the Star Wars Rise of Skywalker hype train. According to...

The Stream Team: Festivult fun in Dungeons and Dragons Online

DDO questions why you would want to stop your dungeoning and dragoning for a holiday festival? Why not just toss those Festivult treats in...

RIFT kicks off Fae Yule and makes tweaks to Mages and Clerics in the latest patch

The rumors of RIFT's death continue to be exaggerated, though the latest patch to the MMORPG isn't exactly full of marquee features, either. Still,...

Sea of Thieves adds holiday quests, new Skeleton Lords, and a new tutorial with the Festival of Giving

Just because the Sea of Thieves is full of cold-hearted buccaneers doesn't mean they can't experience a bit of generosity around this time of...

LOTRO starts Yule Festival, adds more quests to Minas Morgul

Our winner of 2019's Most Underrated MMO is giving its playerbase a winter treat today. Lord of the Rings Online is dropping Update 25.1...