christmas 2019


Final Fantasy XIV previews its 2019 Starlight Celebration

It's time to get ready for another holiday celebration as Final Fantasy XIV rolls out the red carpet with white trim for the annual...

Anthem rings in the holiday season with the arrival of Icetide

The place that Anthem takes place in looks damn near tropical, or at least tepid, so the idea of celebrating a snowy season would...

Secret World Legends whispers of Krampusnacht 2019

It may have been a quiet year for Secret World Legends, but at least Funcom is keeping the event cycle going. That means that...

The Stream Team: Playing in the Black Desert snow

Do you wanna build a snowman? That's what Black Desert Online is asking. And Massively OP's MJ yells yes! She definitely wants to get...

EverQuest II’s Frostfell has arrived with new goodies from Santa Glug

Gonna be honest, a dancing gobbo in a santa hat is a bit creepy to me, but I was informed that gobbo is in...

Blade & Soul’s Will of Iron launches today with a new dungeon and Destroyer spec

Will of Iron is officially live today in NCsoft's Blade & Soul, presumably the last major update of the year for the game's western...

Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansions launches while Overwatch gets Christmasy

With a name like Blizzard, you gotta know that this studio loves its winter season. It's a busy week for the company, starting with...

Perfect World announces the return of the Winter Festival in Neverwinter and drops a tease for Star Trek Online

There's no place like Neverwinter for the holidays, or at least that's how Perfect World would like players to feel as the MMORPG gets...

The Situation: Snowball seasonal event is live in The Division 2 today

Agents of The Division 2, your mission is to get festive and fire snowballs at enemies with a gun. This is very serious business...

World of Tanks gets festive with Holiday Ops, World of Warships tests new European boats

The World of Vehicular Weapons Platforms from Wargaming is getting some new updates. For those who like to do battle in World of Tanks,...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 250: Blue Mage Christmas

Justin and Bree discuss FFXIV, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge Unchained, Temtem, Crowfall, Dual Universe, Elder Scrolls Online, plus the site awards, with mailbag topics on MMO controls and meaningful choices.

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday arrives on December 17

Deck the halls with tiny golems, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Yes, Wintersday is arriving in Guild Wars 2 once again on December 17th, bringing all the festivities...

The MOP Up: Mortal Online’s meaning of Christmas

What is Christmas like in a brutal and bloody sandbox MMORPG? To answer that, you'll need to head to Mortal Online for a first-hand...
There are lots of different defintions of penalty.

Ultima Online’s Jolly Roger update is officially live this week

Here we go: Ultima Online's last major update of 2019 is now upon us as the Jolly Roger has officially set sail on the...

Fallout 76 wraps up 2019 with Halloween and Christmas combined

Fallout 76 may be riddled with radiation, bugs, and non-stop controversy, but Bethesda is determined to finish the year on a positive note with...
Sort of like jingles.

Final Fantasy XI brings out some extra style for this year’s Starlight Celebration

Are you tired of sitting down in the most boring and tedious fashion possible in Final Fantasy XI? Do you feel your muscles clench as...

The Division 2’s Title Update 6.1 is bringing Hardcore Mode and the Situation: Snowball seasonal event

Just because the Washington, D.C., of The Division 2's fiction is under siege doesn't mean that Agents can't enjoy a bit of holiday cheer....
Everything old is... well, it's actually still old.

Star Wars: The Old Republic plans eighth anniversary and Life Day festivities

It is perhaps mildly ironic that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now getting rather old in and of itself, since the game is passing...

The Stream Team: Q-uality Christmas celebrations in Star Trek Online

Oh, the shenanigans of Q at Christmas. Star Trek Online has its own brand of holiday cheer for players to participate in, and Massively...

Wurm Online shows off a number of in-progress updates

Wurm Online popped up during this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend to let its players know that it's still doing stuff and to show off...