Really studying the heck out of a skull.

The Burning Crusade is live today for WoW Classic

No more preparation allowed for the WoW Classic crowd because it's time to once again dive headlong into the broken realm of Outland as The...
Who could have seen this coming.

World of Warcraft: Classic layering, Corruption, and the BlizzCon Q&A

Layers! Huh! Good God, y'all, what are they good for? Keeping player populations in early phases of World of Warcraft: Classic at manageable levels (say...

Lineage II Classic celebrates NA launch with two in-game events as it opens yet another server

Earlier this week, NCsoft launched Lineage II Classic, giving players a chance to party (and grind) like it's 2003, and to celebrate the occasion,...
Goes boom and stuff.

The Daily Grind: What MMO still needs legacy servers?

2018 has seemed like the year of the legacy/vanilla MMO server, thanks to not just World of Warcraft but RIFT and Age of Conan...
You know what you are, you're gonna be a star.

World of Warcraft Classic is still under development, will begin with patch 1.12

If it seems like World of Warcraft Classic would be an easy project, you may not have spent as much time thinking about it...
If you look to your left, you will see a sad person.

The Daily Grind: How faithful a recreation should classic MMO servers be?

There was a great thread on the official World of Warcraft forums the other day about the game's upcoming Classic servers talking about the...

The Daily Grind: Will you be playing World of Warcraft’s Classic servers?

I think it's safe to say, after all the Nostalrius and legacy server drama from last year, that Blizzard has surprised a lot of...
If you look to your left, you will see a sad person.

BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft ‘Classic’ finally delivers on legacy servers

World of Warcraft delivered a jaw-dropping surprise to its loyal community with an amazing announcement at this weekend's BlizzCon. Blizzard took to the stage...

Warcraft III gets its first patch in four years, with more to follow

It looks like it's not just cult classic Diablo II that's getting a lick of fresh paint this week, as Blizzard has now released a compatibility patch...

Classic Korean MMORPG Knight Online lands on Steam

As promised, Knight Online has officially landed on Steam this week. The classic Korean MMO originally launched in 2004, the same year that World...

Lineage II: ‘Classic hardcore is back’

Lineage II formally launched on Steam this week, complete with a fresh-start server, Zaken. There are even server firsts rewards, mostly pirate-themed goodies, for those...
When will the loot drop

Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey is live today

The latest update to Lineage II is pushing beyond all of the its various limitations. Tired of the level cap? It's gone. No, not...