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We all haven't memory-holed The Sims Medieval so deep that we forgot the town called Crafthole, have we?

Closed alpha testing results see survival sandbox Craftopia delay its early access launch

MOP's Bree and I -- and probably some other staffers here -- are pretty eager to see what Craftopia is all about. For those...
Oh, oh, oh.

Alpha testing is ongoing now for Magic: Legends

It's testing time for Magic: Legends! Everyone (who was specifically invited to the test) gets to try out Magic: Legends! The information is available...

Mortal Online 2 shows off the city of Kranesh in a recent video

While the in-development Mortal Online 2 might sound like a world of misery and danger, that also doesn't mean that there can't be nice...

Magic Legends boasts of ‘one of the most powerful, game-changing features’ Cryptic’s ever made

Need a refresher on Magic Legends or want a behind-the-scenes look at how the OARPG is being made? Executive Producer Steve Ricossa penned the...

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands closed alpha is finally beginning this week

Earlier today, we noted fresh changes in World of Warcraft's launcher that indicated Shadowlands' testing was imminent, and this afternoon, Blizzard has confirmed it. "Later...

MMOs you’ve never heard of: Avorion, Naïca, Pocket Mortys, Mighty Party, Neopets, Uncharted Waters Online, and Wolf Team

Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve (probably) never heard of -- or have totally forgotten about until now! We'll...

Kickstarted cyberpunk MMO Zenith’s pre-alpha is now slated for March 21

Last fall, Zenith came out of nowhere to raise over a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter. Its tiny team - the three-person...

Leaderboard: Are you still interested in Amazon’s New World, knowing it won’t be reverting to a FFA PvP MMO?

There's been a big ol' ruckus about New World across Reddit the last day or two, ever since the closed alpha resumed. You know...

Wild Terra 2: New Lands will hit closed alpha this week for high-end backers

Last fall, Juvty Worlds announced that it had run into the "ceiling of technology" with Wild Terra and was pointing its four-person dev team...

New World shows off the factions and enemies of the world of Aeternum

We already had an idea that New World is a dangerous place and that we were getting a video diary about the factions as...

New World resumes closed alpha testing with NDA, teases new dev vlog

We're expecting another big day for Amazon's New World today. First, the MMO has gone back into private player testing after many months dormant. "We...

Starbase’s 2020 features trailer promises grander scale and planetary colonization

There has been a whole lot of focus on getting the smaller things right for Starbase, admittedly, which certainly makes sense in the "walk...

Saga of Lucimia announces tentative launch date of Q4 2021

Over the course of 2019, Saga of Lucimia went relatively quiet on the publicity front. It closed its pre-order store for stage two of...

New World just took a hard turn away from a PvP slugfest, and hardcore PvPers are not happy

Even knowing it was slated to arrive, I was still surprised last night when Amazon Game Studios dropped New World's latest dev blog well...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's weekly and sometimes biweekly recap of the big news in crowdfunded MMOs. Hey, you...

Mortal Online devs announce Mortal Online 2 (again) – check out the trailer!

Way back in February, Mortal Online developer Star Vault announced it was following up that first MMORPG and its 2018 battle royale spinoff with...

Roguelike expedition sim Curious Expedition launches a massively multiplayer mode

If you've ever wondered what Oregon Trail might look like set in a procedurally generated jungle and as a large-scale multiplayer game, then you...

Starbase confirms that early access will not happen in 2019

Add this announcement to the "obvious news is obvious" file: The builder-centric sandbox Starbase is not going to make it to an early access...

Cyberpunk MMO Zenith just raised more than a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter

For the last many weeks, we've been covering the Kickstarter drive of Zenith, a cyberpunk MMO courting both PC and VR players. As of...

Sandbox MMO Project C launches $149.99 founder packs, plans October closed alpha

Remember Project C? It's the SpatialOS-based open-world persistent sandbox MMO by Darewise, the same company that along with studio Nvizzio struggled to make the gorgeous space...