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Siege war game Conqueror’s Blade plans March European test

If leveling and organization get in the way of your true passion in online games -- massive PvP siege warfare -- then allow Conqueror's...

Legends of Aria faces down closed beta testing

Ultima Online spiritual successor Legends of Aria is preparing to go through a major transition over the new year as it winds down its...

Osiris: New Dawn explains its closed beta plan

Why would an early access game suddenly decide to hold a limited closed beta test? That's the question of the week for Osiris: New...

Life is Feudal initiates global closed beta test

The global closed beta test for Life is Feudal's MMO mode has begun, according to the official site. The beta will admit anyone who...

Another Gigantic beta weekend begins, Uncle Sven is spotlighted

Have you tried Gigantic yet? It shouldn't be too hard to get into the closed beta, particularly as we have been giving out keys...

Twilight Spirits unites the east and the west with a dose of bullet-time

Here's a new title that came across our desk this morning and might warrant some of your attention. Twilight Spirits is an action-packed Chinese...

Mu Legend kicks off its global closed beta test today

Do you know Mu? Not every MMO player is familiar with the eastern Mu franchise, but it is apparently popular enough to spawn a...

Mu Legend wants to satisfy your ARPG cravings

Has Mu Legend grabbed your attention yet? This action-RPG has been in development since 2011 and is on the cusp of closed beta testing...

First impressions of Black Desert’s closed beta test, part two: Crafting, gathering, and economy

On Friday, I took a look at the classes, combat, and tricky mechanics of upcoming sandboxy Korean-import Black Desert's first western closed beta test....
I can see you now.

First impressions of Black Desert’s closed beta test: Classes, combat, and mechanics

Over the course of my first day in Black Desert, I did a lot of the things you'd expect from the first day in...

Albion Online extends beta test, nixes free-to-play for launch

Major changes are afoot at Albion Online -- and some might not make fans of the cross-platform sandbox too happy. Sandbox Interactive announced today that...

Watch Tree of Savior’s G-Star trailer

It seems as though Tree of Savior is really gathering positive word of mouth as of late, with beta testers gushing about the incoming Nexon title....

Nexon’s Arpiel Online plans closed beta test in June

How many MMOs does Nexon have stirring in its pot right now? Hundreds? Thousands? In any case, the online game publisher is cooking up...

The Stream Team: Path of Exile Act IV beta adventures

You've read about the incoming changes in Path of Exile's upcoming Act IV, but have you seen them? MassivelyOP's MJ has secured a spot...
It's just another FPS, yes. That was not a surprising development.

A first look at Ghost in the Shell Online in action

Now that we know that Ghost in the Shell Online will definitely be coming to Western shores, there's all the reason in the world...

Otherland begins closed beta 2 test today

Hear ye, hear ye: The second closed beta test for Otherland has commenced! The Otherland CBT 2.0 will feature an expanded version of the game,...

Otherland beta test focuses on server stability

Otherland continues its trek back to public consciousness and notability after being dropped by Real-U and picked back up by Drago. Currently, the multi-world...