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Fracking! Yes? No.

Betawatch: Fractured Online adds in primal forms for Wildfolk

Is it completely a coincidence that after a new Transformers film trailer for Rise of the Beasts, Fractured Online has added a beast mode...
Run! They've got a New World in the sidecar!

Amazon Games will launch Blue Protocol in the west by the end of 2023

Those who have been patiently waiting for any news about Bandai-Namco's Blue Protocol coming to western shores can finally rest easily: Tonight at The...

Airship Syndicate reveals Wayfinder, a gorgeous multiplayer RPG inspired by MMOs

It almost went unnoticed at this year's TennoCon thanks to the big reveal of Soulframe and Warframe's latest content round, but Digital Extremes actually...

Mobile shooter The Division Resurgence debuts a new CGI trailer and kicks off another closed beta

Ubisoft's The Division Resurgence, the mobile version of the multiplayer shooter The Division, is starting to spin up its hype engines with a new...

Betawatch: Dysterra springs ahead to launch and falls back due to cheating

Good work, Dysterra! It can be a rocky road to launch, even to early access launch, but you braved the difficult path and oh,...

Mad World continues to tease videos, but all we want is a launch notice

If we were to give out an end-of-the-year award to the most delayed MMO, well, Mad World's not going to take the crown away...

Cinderstone Online’s latest closed beta update adds new story chapters, new classes, and new maps

Do you remember Cinderstone Online? Long-time readers might recall that this cutesy 2.5-D MMORPG started life as Fioresia Online, offering housing, farming, castle management...
It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of of theoretical games.

Betawatch: Hey, that Star Citizen sure is taking a long time, huh

Well howdy there, folks! I'm Gamer Gary, and I'm out here with all of this construction equipment because someone posted a whole chart showing...

War Thunder Edge promises to bring the ‘essence of the authentic War Thunder experience to mobile’

The following is a totally real script for a new video game and not just some feverish writings from an addle-brained news reporter. BILLY: I...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol launches in spring 2023 in Japan

Well, after an unusually quiet span of time, Blue Protocol is approaching an actual launch. It's launching in early spring of 2023 in Japan,...

Warcraft Arclight Rumble’s newest beta patch seeks to overhaul PvP

When it comes to RTS gaming, fighting against the computer is only going to take your enjoyment so far, and you'll likely want to...
Get a website.

Betawatch: BitCraft sets November 18 as its next pre-alpha date

Darn it, BitCraft, this column is called "Betawatch." Stop throwing around terms like "pre-alpha testing" like that's something that should be public-facing. It's unpleasant!...

Betawatch: Ilysia pretties up its visuals as it advances in beta

How pretty do you want your Ilysia? The designers are hoping the answer is "quite pretty" as they work on prettying up the game...

Frozen Flame confirms an early access launch date of November 17

The time is nigh for the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame to step out of closed testing and into early access. Developer Dreamside Interactive...
Icy Hot, but a game.

Betawatch: Frozen Flame is hosting an open beta this weekend

Supposedly, Frozen Flame is still coming to early access in the not-too-distant future, but you can see how the game plays before that happens....

Kakao’s sci-fi survival FPS Dysterra will enter early access on November 23

Over the better part of the past year, we've been keeping tabs on Dysterra, a sci-fi post-apocalyptic survival FPS published by Kakao Games and...

Korean battle royale shooter Super People has officially entered early access in the west

Do you remember Super People? It's a battle royale shooter, so it might have blended in with the gaming furniture a bit; this one...

Multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame is holding an open beta test this weekend

If you've been curious about the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame, whether because you checked out the game's free demo or watched our stream...
Not factored.

Betawatch: Interplanetary travel comes to Fractured Online

Got to be honest with you, folks, every time I see that Fractured Online has added interplanetary travel, my brain kind of does a...

Diablo IV begins sending invites to its endgame-focused closed beta test

Is it a breach of NDA if Diablo IV fans scramble around excitedly online over being invited to the APRG's next test? Regardless of...