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Red means dead.

Wisdom of Nym: Job extension ideas for the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion

One of the interesting things about each given expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is that we always get new tricks along the way... sometimes...

Closers adds Busan Chapter 2, TERA console’s May festival invites you to slaughter sheep

We'll go ahead and call this the "En Masse MMO news block:" Both Closers and TERA have a little something going on for the...

Closers promises new zones, challenges, and mysteries in new Busan region

Just in case you missed out on the launch last week, allow us to offer this friendly reminder that Closers has opened up the...

Closers begins to tease its new Busan location arriving on March 9

Who's ready to travel to Busan, South Korea? Ideally, the players of Closers are, because that's just where things are headed to next. The location...

Choose My Adventure: Falling in love with the Lahn in Black Desert

As much as I was hoping for some time with the Guardian that I pre-made ahead of the class’ arrival, the Choose My Adventure...
Baby pull me closers

Closers adds its new Team Challenges for weekly rewards

Ah yes, teamwork. That's the focus for the new Team Challenges in Closers in the broad strokes. Each week, there are specific challenges added for individual...
Attract mode.

The MOP Up: Vietnam gets Closers Online

There's one new country for Closers Online to conquer in 2020: Vietnam. The Southeast Asian nation just went into open beta and has a...

The MOP Up: Skyforge gets toxic (in a good way)

Just because the newest area in Skyforge is described as a "toxic wasteland" doesn't mean that you should change your vacation plans. Gullible players...
Special agent fairy.

Closers lets Seth head up to Special Agent status

It's time for another Closers patch, and this one is all focused on Seth. Yes, you're probably getting enough Seth in your life already (although...

Grab a Closers gift package in honor of Seth’s launch courtesy of En Masse and MOP!

In celebration of the release of Seth in Closers, En Masse has granted Massively OP a stack of keys for a gift package that...
This is all fine. Everything's fine.

Closers brings Seth to the battlefield today for pre-creation players

Gosh, why do people keep shoving monsters into things which are not monsters? The latest addition to the team in Closers, Seth, was just a...

Closers provides a lore-based look at the upcoming character Seth

While we know that the new character is coming on September 10th and we've gotten a visual preview of her, the question remains: Who...
This is all fine. Everything's fine.

Check out some exclusive screenshots of Closers’ upcoming Seth

Seth is rolling up on Closers in less than a month, and if that sounds ominous, just remember that Seth is a half-demon with...

Closers introduces Seth, a new melee character arriving on September 10

What happens when you combine a bright young woman with the power of a demon? Evidently, you get someone who can create massive clawed...

Yuri joins Task Force Sword & Girls in the latest update to Closers

I know I said this last time, but seriously, can someone make "Task Force Sword & Girls" an actual, full anime please? The title...

Bai can now reach a new level of power in the latest Closers patch

I'll admit that I'm not following the lore of Closers very closely, so it took me a moment to process that there's a group...

Closers gets seductive and dark with the Dark Seduction update

Hey there. C'mere. Got something for you. I hope you're ready for it... it's an update to Closers. It's got a new dungeon waiting...

Closers cranks up the crazy and colorful with the arrival of the Bear Land instance

So evidently there was a new content patch in Closers yesterday and it is... unique, we'll say. Actually, let's just rip the bandage off;...
Oh, cool.

Kritika Online’s last day up in the west is April 30, but TERA and Closers are offering incentives to refugees

Next week, the lights go down on Kritika Online. As announced back in March, En Masse is shuttering the game on April 30th after...

Closers’ new cryomancer class Bai makes her formal hello today

MOP's Chris already made the best hello Bai headline of all time, leaving us just the good news itself: Bai Winchester is live in...