cma 2019

Choose My Adventure: TERA’s Valkyrie and the free-to-play grind

Close set of voting this time 'round, at least in terms of TERA's business model. For a time, the polls were literally at...

Choose My Adventure: Did the Gunner class make TERA too easy?

A new month means a new game here at Choose My Adventure world, and this time around we're taking a trip through what...

Choose My Adventure: Getting back in to the groove of Star Wars: The Old Republic

This week's Choose My Adventure piece is a homecoming for me. I was one of the folks who was all in on

Choose My Adventure: The simple joys of RuneScape and duo gameplay

I've often wondered to myself why there seem to be so many in-development MMORPGs that stubbornly and desperately cling to the idea of the...

Choose My Adventure: Finding the perfect group activity in RuneScape

Early on in this month's Choose My Adventure, a reader in the comments mentioned that RuneScape is the perfect game to have...

Choose My Adventure: The Slayer skill and the power of cabbage in RuneScape

Talk about a landslide decision. This round of adventuring for CMA saw my husband and I take up the Slayer path in RuneScape,...

Choose My Adventure: The married couple team arrives to RuneScape

I really should have done this sooner. This round of Choose My Adventure is starring my husband, and almost immediately the difference in...

Choose My Adventure: What Legends of Aria taught me about sandbox MMORPGs

As much as I enjoy the new guard of MMORPGs, with their quick-hit content and action combat models, I'm also not completely ignorant to...

Choose My Adventure: The almost-zen of crafting in Legends of Aria

Funny how this run of Choose My Adventure arrives after we've had a discussion about designed downtime, because the crafting and gathering...

Choose My Adventure: Fear and loathing in Legends of Aria

As promised, this round of play in Legends of Aria featured greater focus on my combined magic and steel, though I definitely was...

Choose My Adventure: New tools, same flailing in Legends of Aria

So, full disclosure here: This edition of Choose My Adventure is going to come from a perspective of limited play time. My "real"...

Choose My Adventure: Running for my life in Legends of Aria

Welp, we're in the deep end now. Legends of Aria definitely is the sandbox that's giving me the hard knock schooling on sandbox...

Choose My Adventure: So long The Elder Scrolls Online, hello Legends of Aria

It's been a refrain in this edition of Choose My Adventure, but I still have to say it again: I have had a...

Choose My Adventure: Dungeon diving in The Elder Scrolls Online

Pretty much everything I've done in The Elder Scrolls Online has been a delight, so I was going in to my chosen task...

Choose My Adventure: Further bear adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online

First things first: I got my bear. This, as many players will attest, is the most important part of being a Warden. I had...

Choose My Adventure: Stunning vistas and snotty elves in Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset

Choose My Adventure is slowly becoming a source of delight for me, especially if I'm able to play games like The Elder...

Choose My Adventure: Where Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen meet

I'm going to attempt to connect apples and oranges here. In my final days with Elite Dangerous for CMA, I have actually managed...

Choose My Adventure: Fighting for friends in Elite Dangerous

Combat in Elite Dangerous is hard, but finding friends was just a bit harder. At least, it was in the way that I...

Choose My Adventure: The lonesome job of star charting in Elite Dangerous

Today's edition of Choose My Adventure features results that were both a landslide and extremely close. On the one hand, most people suggested...

Choose My Adventure: Fumbling through the stars of Elite Dangerous

It was a pretty close call in terms of what my first task in Elite Dangerous would be for this edition of CMA,...