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Choose My Adventure: Diary of a Legends of Aria desert wildman

The desert sun rakes its fingers over my bronzed skin like I am the coals of a forge. Indeed, I am the forge: the...

Choose My Adventure: Accidentally naked adventures in Legends of Aria

It would probably stand to reason that my rise in confidence in Legends of Aria would take a hit this week. But mercifully,...

Choose My Adventure: A stronger, straighter start in Legends of Aria

What a difference a few weeks make. This past spring when I last toured Legends of Aria for Choose My Adventure, things...

Choose My Adventure: What Legends of Aria taught me about sandbox MMORPGs

As much as I enjoy the new guard of MMORPGs, with their quick-hit content and action combat models, I'm also not completely ignorant to...

Choose My Adventure: The almost-zen of crafting in Legends of Aria

Funny how this run of Choose My Adventure arrives after we've had a discussion about designed downtime, because the crafting and gathering...

Choose My Adventure: Fear and loathing in Legends of Aria

As promised, this round of play in Legends of Aria featured greater focus on my combined magic and steel, though I definitely was...

Choose My Adventure: New tools, same flailing in Legends of Aria

So, full disclosure here: This edition of Choose My Adventure is going to come from a perspective of limited play time. My "real"...

Choose My Adventure: Running for my life in Legends of Aria

Welp, we're in the deep end now. Legends of Aria definitely is the sandbox that's giving me the hard knock schooling on sandbox...