code club

Indie studio known for Wurm Online.

Battle Bards podcast listens to MMO character creation music

Battle Bards, the world’s first and only MMO music podcast, returns to listen to the oft-neglected character creation themes. What music do composers create...
Into the dock!

Wurm Unlimited is on Steam, and at a discount

Are your wurms on Steam feeling distinctly limited? Then you should be happy to know that Wurm Unlimited is now available on...

The Daily Grind: Will you try Wurm Unlimited?

I don't know what was going on with me during the week of September 16th, but I completely missed the news about fantasy...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 33: Ascent’s James Hicks

Justin and Bree fête Ascent's James Hicks discussing Star Citizen, Wurm Online, Ultima Online, WildStar, Daybreak's mystery game, Elite: Dangerous, RIFT, and Funcom.

Host your own sandbox with Wurm Unlimited on Steam

Code Club has just announced a new phase in development for fantasy sandbox Wurm Online: Wurm Unlimited. Arriving on Steam...

Wurm Online database error breaks loyalty program

A database error and subsequent attempts to fix it have left Wurm Online's loyalty program in a state of disrepair. Lead Developer Rolf...

MMO Mechanics: Brilliant MMO boss mechanics

I love a good boss fight as much as the next MMO player, and I'm sure I'm not alone in favouring fights that really...

Notch: ‘F2P is bait and switch and should be illegal’

Well, there's at least one game developer who hasn't sold his soul to F2P. That would be Markus "Notch" Persson, otherwise known as the...

Bridges, stairs, and better boats coming soon to Wurm Online

Trust us: You will never see anyone so excited over bridges as you will in this Wurm Online dev update post. To...
Fixing problems, sure.

Wurm launches new Elevation server

The first iteration of Wurm Online's Elevation server had a problem according to the players: the map. People just did not like that...
Animals! I don'

Wurm Online player deified, founds a religion

What have you done with your online life lately? We bet you haven't ascended to godhood and convinced other players to follow a new...