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V Rising celebrates 3M sales since early access as players await its delayed content update

Vampire survival MMO V Rising is apparently still gathering all the monies and sales: Stunlock Studios just sent 'round the announcement that it's now...

Midnight Ghost Hunt invites players to a creepy new carnival in the multiplayer spook-em-up

We're almost into the spooky season in gaming, and there are few games that embrace that more than Midnight Ghost Hunt, the early access...

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a multiplayer prop hunting game where the props can kill the hunters

If you're familiar with games like Prop Hunt and Witch-It, then you can likely wrap your head around Midnight Ghost Hunt; it's a 4v4...

Choose My Adventure: In search of RvR in WAR Return of Reckoning; first steps in Darkfall Rise of Agon

The Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning has effectively transformed into me doing two games at once for Choose My Adventure. Let me explain. First, I...

Valheim gets a first-person mod as the game hits 3M sales and 500K concurrency

The star of Valheim continues to rise. Developer Iron Gate Studios confirmed over the past weekend that sales of the game hit another high,...

The Stream Team: Facing Valheim’s first prey

Trees may be the biggest threat in Valheim right now, but soon Massively OP's MJ will face the first prey the gods sent her...

First impressions: Valheim early access is already one of the best co-op sandboxes in recent memory

Straight away, I'm going to admit that my favorable impressions of Valheim are wholly informed by the fact that I have the good fortune...