Harley left a long time ago.

DC Universe Online adjusts abilities to have a little more impact

The stat revamp for DC Universe Online is an ongoing process with a lot of moving parts, and that means that none of those...

Conan Exiles schools you in the art of combat

In an unexpected move, Conan Exile's combat system will play out abstractly using dice and lengthy columns of hit tables and damage effects. Just...

Conan Exiles shows off its crafting and thrall systems

What are MMO NPCs good for, really? Usually they're either part of the quest system, trainers or vendors, or targets for our sharp, pointy...
Seriously, okay, fine.

Kings and Heroes posts a quick video of its combat

Do you remember Kings and Heroes? You don't remember it, do you. It's that online co-op dungeon crawler that entered early access a few...

Working As Intended: A tour of 19-year-old Ultima Online

Wanna feel old? Three years ago, I wrote a Second Wind piece for Massively-that-was on Ultima Online, which had recently been turned over to Broadsword...
But not quite so much.

The Daily Grind: What MMO would you like with a different game’s combat engine?

There are things I really like about The Secret World; the combat has never been one of them. However, if I could somehow mix...
There's... yeah, there's a lot.

The Daily Grind: How complex should playing an MMORPG character be?

I am downright out of room in Final Fantasy XIV. My characters have two sets of action bars packed to the gills along with...
This is not h

Massively Overthinking: The best combat systems in MMORPGs

One of the big problems in the MMORPG genre as I see it is game studios' inclination to prioritize combat above all else, turning...

The Daily Grind: What MMO handles active combat the best?

Action combat is a big thing for newer games. Instead of just sitting, targeting, and spamming abilities, you have to dodge hither and yon,...
We're friends, right?

‘Online combat RPG’ Absolver plans 2017 launch

Absolver is... probably not an MMORPG. But it is an "online combat RPG," which sure sounds like an action combat MMORPG without the "massive"...
Here in mycar I feel safest of all.

Crossout enters its next phase of testing complete with factions

If you've ever played a game focused around vehicle combat and thought "hey, this would be better with Mad Max-style customized war vehicles," you...
Can we start, start over?

Shroud of the Avatar drops Release 26 update with a full character wipe

Here's the bad news for players looking forward to the next major Shroud of the Avatar patch: A character wipe is happening. All of...

The Daily Grind: What’s your preferred style of MMO combat?

A passionate WildStar discussion-slash-debate in my guild the other day on the subject of MMO combat styles had us all taking sides on what was...

Albion Online highlights its reworked combat

Sandbox Interactive has released a new four-minute video highlighting the combat changes in Albion Online since last summer. Lead game designer Robin Henkys says...
Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem.

The Repopulation patches in combat improvements, sets the stage for sieges

Are you not currently part of the The Repopulation's testing but want to check out the game? Good news: You will be able to...
Well, good hustle.

Camelot Unchained newsletter discusses combat philosophy and developer status

The Camelot Unchained test phases had to be delayed, and that means that the latest newsletter for the game is in an odd place,...

Crowfall explains why combat physics are ‘hella complicated’

The Crowfall community has a heapload of questions about the upcoming PvP title's combat systems, and the devs apparently have (some of) the answers. A...

Chaos Theory: I like The Secret World’s combat

Hi. My name is MJ. And I like The Secret World's combat. There, I admitted it. And trust me, I am fully aware that it...

Crowfall preps core combat test, commits to raising $1M from additional investors

With a large roster of potential classes, how will Crowfall balance it all? By starting small, of course. The devs wrote a new post...
Try to fly better than this.

Hands-on: Blade & Soul’s western port is a cheerful cliche storm (and I want to play more)

I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Blade & Soul just moving around. Most of the time in a given game, I'm moving around because...