At least the graphics here are all right.

RuneScape previews new nature-loving druids for you to help and/or rob incessantly

Remember defeating the Elder Gods in Gielinor? It turns out that this means nature is healing in RuneScape, and it is in fact healing...

EVE Online and Dark Horse team up for ‘Capsuleer Chronicles’ comic miniseries

You know what they say about EVE Online and comic books: They go together like macaroni and cheese! Like peanut butter and jelly! Like...

Star Wars’ Project Luminous and ‘High Republic’ era aren’t spilling into games – yet

In January, we floated a poll at you all about what you'd want to see in your next Star Wars game, and it was...

Warframe and Top Cow to produce exclusive comic book series

Well here's a fun bit of news: Warframe is getting a physical comic book run. Digital Extremes announced today that it's signed Top Cow...
Wow, color coordination.

Overwatch releases a comic about the past; next hero is far along in development

The backstory of Overwatch could probably be a game in and of itself, considering that the game takes place after the eponymous organization formed,...
robot robot roooooobot

See the origin of everyone’s favorite turret robot in the latest Overwatch comic

Who's afraid of a robot in Overwatch? Other than just about everyone, seeing as how an enormous robot war is pretty close to everyone's...

City of Titans launches a comic-based Patreon

Developing a game is expensive, and that's why City of Titans has taken to Patreon... sort of. See, the developers are not asking for...
Not the best day.

New World of Warcraft comic goes over the arrival of the Burning Legion in Suramar

Being the Grand Magistrix of Suramar seems like a pretty great gig for the majority of your rule. For one thing, you have power...

World of Tanks to become a Dark Horse comic

What happens when you combine a horse and a tank? A comic book! Wargaming has partnered with Dark Horse to produce a comic series...

DCUO celebrates The Flash’s 75th birthday

Did you know that The Flash turns 75 this year? Yep, he does. And there's probably a joke about being a spry septuagenarian in there somewhere,...
Art is a very difficult medium to work in, and praise should be offered to those who take up the challenge of presenting story through visual mediums.

Shroud of the Avatar has its very own comic now

Do you want more supplemental material to round out your Shroud of the Avatar experience? Do you occasionally walk into your local comic store...