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Choose My Adventure: How Dungeons and Dragons Online became my new favorite MMO

Week after week in this round of Choose My Adventure, I've been finding little things to love about Dungeons and Dragons Online and...

Choose My Adventure: Accidentally going to Hell and other Dungeons and Dragons Online misadventures

I’m only level 3 and already Dungeons and Dragons Online has elected to whup my ass. By the barest margin, the polls said to...

Choose My Adventure: Exploring the Caves of Chaos in Dungeons and Dragons Online

I’ve heard you loud and clear, Dungeons and Dragons Online friends. There were a number of comments on last week’s column espousing the...

Choose My Adventure: Dungeons and Dragons Online already does so much right

Well, well, well. Consider me pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when the voters told me to kick off my

Choose My Adventure: EVE Online wasn’t really all that bad I guess

As I alluded to last week, I’ve been putting in a lot of thought into my time with EVE Online over the course...

Choose My Adventure: EVE Online’s combat coalesces into something nearing enjoyment

All right, EVE Online. I'm starting to get you. The mission was to continue with the career path NPCs, and after some more time...

Choose My Adventure: The slow slog to familiarity in EVE Online

Once more, we begin this adventure in EVE Online with some self-owning. For an embarrassingly long amount of time, I was incapable of...

Choose My Adventure: EVE Online is already a bad time

I knew there was a reason I wasn't looking forward to this one. I've dipped my toes into this piranha pool before. I first played...

Choose My Adventure: Star Trek Online and my hunger for a space MMO

My installation of Star Citizen isn't working right, and Elite Dangerous has some neat things going on but not the right kind...

Choose My Adventure: Taking the new Warbird for a spin in Star Trek Online

It was unanimous: We were meant to be Romulans and continue with the storyline that we were following in Star Trek Online. The...

Choose My Adventure: New ships, New Romulus, and a new gun in Star Trek Online

So the past poll was a 50/50 split, but I'm curious if that's because regular Star Trek Online players knew what was coming. Considering...

Choose My Adventure: The first steps as a Romulan in Star Trek Online

In last week's column, I mentioned that the start of our Star Trek Online journey would not be done alone, and sure enough...

Choose My Adventure: Seriously, the Roblox community is pretty impressive

Over the course of my time in Roblox for this round of Choose My Adventure, I've come to appreciate the value of...

Choose My Adventure: Survive the Disasters 2 is a perfect Roblox game

We close out this month's little sojourn through the world of Roblox with what is easily one of my favorite titles ever created...

Choose My Adventure: Hexaria is a grindy yet competent Roblox MMO

Another week, another random bit of Roblox adventuring. This time around, I wanted to see just what sort of MMOs this game's community...

Choose My Adventure: The weird world of Heroes Online in Roblox

I had a feeling this whole month of write-ups would go weirdly, and sure enough, it did. It was only until after I got...

Choose My Adventure: Albion Online, chestnut logs, and terrible mistakes

I regret to inform you all that my final moments in Albion Online were something of a bellyflop. A number of smaller frustrations...

Choose My Adventure: The end of the breadcrumb trail in Albion Online

Well, that didn’t take long. This week was all about following the rest of the breadcrumb trail in Albion Online to see where it...

Choose My Adventure: Black Desert should have gotten MMO of the Year

I can admit when I'm wrong. It happens often enough, that's for damn sure, and part of learning from a mistake is admitting that...

Choose My Adventure: Sorry, I got distracted by other stuff in Black Desert

You’ll likely notice that I missed out on last week’s Choose My Adventure and for that I apologize. This past week I have...