Fight or Kite: First impressions of newly free-to-play Albion Online

As soon as I heard that Albion Online was going free-to-play, I knew where I was going to spend the majority of my...

Fight or Kite: Falling in line with Crowfall

"Everyone group up! Keep the formation tight. Line up and do not let anyone through that door." We know that they have a siege weapon...

Fight or Kite: Clawing my way back into Guild Wars 2’s WvW

All aboard and welcome everyone to a brand-new series here on Massively Overpowered: Fight or Kite, our new column focusing on PvP across...
Oh no, evidence!

Taiwan has been banned from the Hearthstone Global Games due to cheating

Let's talk about stream sniping, shall we? As much as everyone would like for Hearthstone matches to be perfectly simultaneous around the world,...
punch punch

Final Fantasy XIV kicks the latest Feast season with the promise of a well-known boss mount

If you're taking part in the sequential seasons of the Feast in Final Fantasy XIV, you want a mount worthy of your willingness...
On second thought, nah.

Breakaway shows off its competitive side in a new trailer

Why will you be playing Breakaway? The latest trailer for the game is all about how you'll be playing the game to win...
good at boat

Cloud Pirates update 1.5 adds new content and changes its ranking system

Ah, there's nothing like the smell of a fresh new patch. It's full of new things to do, new stuff to explore, and new...

Blade & Soul uses community sales of item packs to fund its tournament prize

The tournament for Blade & Soul is getting ready to kick off, but it needs a prize. That's where the community comes in,...
No, be a dude.

The Daily Grind: Are e-sports worth the effort for MMO developers?

I spend a lot of time thinking about e-sports. This is, of course, through the eyes of someone who doesn't much like e-sports as...
And all of these men are named Willy.

Erectus stiffens up its competition with the launch of its endgame

While everyone would like to be the great shaft at the heart of progress in Erectus the Game, the stiff backbone around which all...

Overwatch adjusts competitive win conditions for Assault maps

When both teams lose, who wins? That might sound like an oxymoron, but the latest Overwatch adjustment to competitive play is aimed...
Not Overwatch! Please don't sue!

Hi-Rez Expo 2017: Paladins announces upcoming Season 1 following the Paladins Invitational

The first Paladins e-sports event will kick off today at 12:00 p.m. EST, with the first Paladins Invitational pitting players against one another...
You say that like it's a bad thing.

Is Heroes of the Storm a failure from the e-sports side?

Does it seem like Heroes of the Storm is still struggling to find its niche? On the one hand, that question is ridiculous...
shoot until you win

Guild Wars 2: PvP poll and legendary (weapon) tournament

Are you and your friends good enough at Guild Wars 2 to earn legendary weapons? On November 5th and 6th, ArenaNet and...
This is the way the world ends.

International eGames Committee discusses e-sports championships and the Olympics

If you're looking for e-sports at the Summer Olympics, you have your wish... sort of. The International eGames Committee is hosting the 2016 eGames...
Everything's fine.

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan explains the functionality of matchmaking

Matchmaking is a big consideration for Overwatch's competitive play. Sure, it's upsetting when a Quick Play match is filled with people choosing Bastion...

Arizona State University team wins Heroes of the Storm’s Heroes of the Dorm

Four college teams faced off at the Heroes of the Dorm championship, and now one team has emerged as the winner. Heroes of...
All the new mistakes.

Overwatch walks players through the addition of competitive play

Are you ready to compete against other Overwatch players to see who is truly the best person playing the game? If you answered...
It's all the sports but with a game whose mechanics you bothered learning!

Heroes of the Storm releases its schedule for the 2016 Summer Season championship

The Heroes of the Storm Spring Championship is coming up very soon, but there's no reason to spend a whole lot of time...
Good plan.

Guild Wars 2 hosts the first season finals for its Pro League on Saturday

At 11 a.m. EST on Saturday, February 20th, the finale of Guild Wars 2's first Pro League season will commence. If you've been...