Fortnite Battle Royale announces Winter Royale online tournament series

Last month, Fortnite Battle Royale rolled out its online tournament system with the Fall Skirmish series, which has since come to a close,...
Yes, it was this bad. It was always this bad.

Overwatch hackers see jail time in South Korea while competitive season 10 begins and Rialto goes live

If there was any remaining question, let's make sure you know that you really do not want to be an Overwatch hacker in...
punch punch

Final Fantasy XIV kicks the latest Feast season with the promise of a well-known boss mount

If you're taking part in the sequential seasons of the Feast in Final Fantasy XIV, you want a mount worthy of your willingness...
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Cloud Pirates update 1.5 adds new content and changes its ranking system

Ah, there's nothing like the smell of a fresh new patch. It's full of new things to do, new stuff to explore, and new...

Overwatch adjusts competitive win conditions for Assault maps

When both teams lose, who wins? That might sound like an oxymoron, but the latest Overwatch adjustment to competitive play is aimed...

EVE Fanfest 2017: Hands-on with competitive VR sports game Sparc

At the end of February, CCP Games announced a new game that has nothing to do with EVE Online or even the EVE IP....
You say that like it's a bad thing.

Is Heroes of the Storm a failure from the e-sports side?

Does it seem like Heroes of the Storm is still struggling to find its niche? On the one hand, that question is ridiculous...
This is the way the world ends.

International eGames Committee discusses e-sports championships and the Olympics

If you're looking for e-sports at the Summer Olympics, you have your wish... sort of. The International eGames Committee is hosting the 2016 eGames...

Heroes of the Storm announces Spring Global Championship

The past few years have seen MOBAs take over the competitive gaming landscape, with just a handful of games managing to attract millions of...

Not So Massively: For the King’s Kickstarter, Hearthstone’s match controversy

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don't really...

Heroes of the Storm championships are live this weekend, with more championships coming at BlizzCon

Which team in the North American region is best at playing Heroes of the Storm? You can find out this weekend with