Roblox’s Lil Nas X concert racks up a total of 33 million views

So it would seem that the in-game concert event held by Roblox this past weekend was something of a success. According to...

PUBG Mobile hosts K-pop group BLACKPINK in a special ‘Fun Match’ collab broadcast

For readers who happen to be fans of both PUBG Mobile and the K-pop group BLACKPINK, this morning is going to be a...

Roblox is hosting a Lil Nas X concert series in-game this weekend

Korn. BLACKPINK. Travis Scott. Breaking Benjamin. BTS. Alice in Chains. And now, Lil Nas X, if ROBLOX...

Lord of the Rings Online players host Shirefest 2020 this weekend

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Rock band Alice in Chains threw a wicked AdventureQuest 3D concert

This may just be the more unique concert performance that you will ever witness in an MMORPG - at least the most unique
On the other hand, it's possible that this is the price you pay for playing Fortnite

Rewatch the massive Marshmello concert held in Fortnite yesterday

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The Daily Grind: Have you ever been to a concert in an MMO?

Slightly embarrassing story time: One of my favorite things to do in classic Star Wars Galaxies was sing. Yes, musicians and dancers were...
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Gamescom 2018: World of Warcraft dives into Azshara’s backstory and hosts a concert

It turns out that Blizzard was saving something special for Gamescom 2018 after all. At the show, the World of Warcraft studio...

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With the Lord of the Rings lawsuit settled, LOTRO moves on with sunflowers and Weatherstock IX

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League of Legends adds Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Do you like roaming around and picking up random junk on the ground? Then you might be the perfect player type to handle