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Aion’s A New Dawn update adds a new zone and new dungeons, speeds up leveling

Big changes are coming to Gameforge's European version of Aion this month with the A New Dawn content update, which adds...

Star Trek Online warps into Discovery’s universe as Stephen Ricossa steps down as exec producer

While Star Trek Discovery has proven to be a divisive entry into the long-running franchise, with some fans hating its take on the Trek...

First Life is Feudal content update unites the worlds, introduces PvP arenas, and adds clergy and slavery

Bitbox recently released the first major content update for its medieval sandbox survival game Life is Feudal, and it brings with it...

PAX East 2015: Watch Warframe’s Tombs of the Sentient trailer

If the reveal trailer is any indication, a major incoming threat is heading right at the world of Warframe. The update, called