Yes, this is definitely dirt.

Star Trek Online sends players back in time for mining

Time travel is always a mess. In the past, Captain Kirk of the Enterprise brokered peace with the Gorn Hegemony, resulting in a peaceful...
Jazzhands are happening

AdventureQuest 3D is hitting open beta very soon

Are you sporting a Massively Overpowered cape in AdventureQuest 3D without anyone around to appreciate its sublime awesomeness? Be patient just a little bit...
My track record has been pretty good!

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.3 in review, part two

Between all of the stuff in patch 3.3 and the plethora of reveals from this year's E3, my cup runs over with parts of...
'Problem' is not a synonym for 'thing I personally don't like.'

Wisdom of Nym: An examination of Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3

With patch 3.3 on the live servers, the next few months are going to be the best time to be playing Final Fantasy XIV...

Dungeons & Dragons Online is working on new classic adventure modules

It's always nice to know the future plans for your favorite game, partly because it's just nice to know that the team isn't simply...
Do this differently.

WoW Factor: Alternative content release models for WoW and beyond

It has been noted in the past that I am a big fan of having big, show-stopping expansions released for games. I will not...

WoW Factor: Content gaps, polish, and the Legion release date

The past few weeks have been pretty well packed, both in a personal and in a professional sense, so it's easy to sort of...

ARK: Survival Evolved will soon incorporate player-made mod content

Big news for ARK: Survival Evolved today on multiple fronts. For starters, the game now claims more than a million Xbox One copies sold...
Staying alive, somewhat.

Defiance continues its story in a big new update

The television series has ended, but Defiance isn't giving up the ghost along with it. The game has just deployed a big update that...
Yeah, screw you, dawn! You know what you did.

TERA’s Dawnfall update arrives on March 1st

Remember the starting zone of TERA? Well, it's gotten just a little bit... messy with the game's next update. The Dawnfall update arrives March...
I know, I usually don't reuse these so quickly, but come on. This time it makes perfect sense.

Wisdom of Nym: Analyzing Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2 notes

It's patch day, ladies and gentlemen! All right, so it's the day before patch day. It's close to patch day. It's patch day adjacent....
You may be my old favorite, but you don't get a free pass.

WoW Factor: Being positive vs. being honest in games criticism

Today's column is about the time I tackled my father and stormed out of the house. It is also about World of Warcraft. It...

Anarchy Online is getting ‘Recked’ with new zone, sub rewards

On Sunday, Anarchy Online Lead Designer Henry "Michizure" Senger opened up on the forums with a look at what's going on in the world's...
Like this, but a toilet.

Trove now allows you to make a toilet that lets you fly

Do you see the people flying in the header image? Have you thought that you want to be able to do that in Trove,...
Book 'em

Wisdom of Nym: What we know so far about Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch

So we know what's going on with the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV, or at least as much as could be released during...
This is not hard to do.

WoW Factor: Why Legion’s alpha/beta label is a hair worth splitting

The Legion alpha is back, and it is still an alpha. And I want to to stress, not for the first time, that I...
This is the world we live in, etc.

Path of Exile updates players on Ascendancy release dates and staffing changes

In a development that will no doubt shock and confuse many of our readers, January is almost over. If you're a Path of Exile...
Well, here's hoping, at least.

Firefall prepares for update 1.6 with more than a day of downtime

Here's the bad news for Firefall fans: the game is going down for maintenance on January 19th at 11:00 a.m. EST, and it's staying...
It's real fire! It burns! It's very hot!

ELOA launches part two of ‘The Smash’ expansion with two new dungeons

The second part of ELOA's first big expansion is dubbed "The Smash," but it will be an exercise for readers how smashy the two...
Hey guys, what's going on?

Skyforge previews the new hostile territory of Ontes Valley

Being a god in Skyforge doesn't simply mean getting lots of power; it also means you need to face challenges and deal with greater...