The MOP UP: Star Wars Galaxies Legends invites new players to a server far, far away

Thinking about getting into that Star Wars Galaxies that all your friends have been pressuring you to play since 2003? The Legends rogue server...
How near, how far.

Into the Super-verse: Seven tips for designing amazing MMO superhero costumes

While we all know that the real endgame in any MMORPG is fashion, superhero titles take this much further than the rest of the...

Neverwinter’s upcoming Summer Festival features fashion, football, and fast snails

The summertime festivities are about to arrive in Neverwinter as the appropriately named Summer Festival draws nigh, bringing a bunch of events...

The MOP Up: RuneScape’s beach blast is (almost) back

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be allowed to (or want to) go to a beach this summer -- but...

Star Citizen offers rewards for players helping players during Foundation Festival 2950

The month of July is all about the power of friendship in Star Citizen. Or at the very least cooperation and shepherding freshly...

Enter to win a Star Trek Online Federation Fleet Admiral Faction or Elite Starter pack in honor of House Divided’s launch

With Star Trek Online's House Divided update now out in the wild on PC (and earning kudos from our own writer),

Enter to win a Neverwinter Gift of the Twisted Noble for PC courtesy of PWE and MOP!

With the launch of Neverwinter's Avernus campaign on PC players last week, PWE has kindly granted Massively OP 50 Gift of...

Procedural-gen MMO ReWorld Online teases coming PvP testing

We haven't touched on MMORPG ReWorld since last year, but a note on Reddit from the dev about the MMO's testing plans...

Chaos Theory: Secret World Legend’s third anniversary and the 2020 MEGAversary event

Another year has come and gone. (Though we might be glad this one's over.) Secret World Legends, the reboot of the beloved
Similar, but not the same.

Vague Patch Notes: Have we ever really had an MMO sequel?

In the wake of Justin's recent column on whether or not MMO sequels are a good idea, MOP reader Bobfish had an interesting...

Elder Scrolls Online hosts Greymoor house deco contest, lands on Stadia today

The newest story in The Elder Scrolls Online is all about vampires in the north, and that seems like as good a time...

Check out the player-designed battle mounts coming to Skyforge (eventually)

Seeing something you've created arrive in the game you're playing has got to feel all kinds of special, so we feel pleased for the...

Black Desert battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena adds new hero, bans cheaters

If things are getting a bit samey for you in the standalone Black Desert battle royale game Shadow Arena, then the latest...

Star Citizen kicks off its ‘Alien Week’ with lore, contests, and ship sales as it passes $300M crowdfunding

It's like Shark Week but with digital extraterrestrial life! Or more specifically, it's much like the game's St. Patrick's Day celebration. In any...

Enter to win an ArcheAge Unchained Garden of the Gods Archeum pack courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

It's unlikely that anybody reading Massively OP is unaware that ArcheAge's Garden of the Gods update has been controversial, thanks to Gamigo’s belatedly announced...

Desert Oasis: Recapping Black Desert’s Heidel Ball, from backstage to balancing

One of the complications of playing playing Black Desert is that it operates on UTC. Since I live in California, aka the center...

World of Warcraft offers up a new short story about a… poetry contest

Thalyssra and Lor'themar are about to have a poetry slam! Okay, not really, but in a new short story from World of...

Voxelbox Creativerse adds a new store item to make blueprint building easier

It's time once again to peek in on an MMO that has been out of the regular news cycle for a little while. This...
cars go vroom vroom

Formula E driver gets caught cheating in an esports race after using a surrogate driver

It really seemed like a no-brainer, didn't it? If racing can't happen in real life, you can just go over to video games about...

Shroud of the Avatar plans on hosting official PvP events complete with unique new trophies

Shroud of the Avatar likes hosting its little events. Whether they're weekly fishing tournaments or official decoration contests (which will be coming back...