For Science: Researchers investigate why some players invert their directional controls

When you have an analog stick to control the camera, does pushing the stick forward tilt the camera up or down? The Guardian published...
Not riding a dinosaur.

World of Warcraft has controller support under active development

Accessibility is a big deal when it comes to games, and MMOs have traditionally worked to ensure that people with disabilities still have full...
Time is on my side, after a fashion.

The Daily Grind: What bit of MMO control snobbery bothers you the most?

I've been using my mouse for hotkeys for years, to the point that I feel most comfortable doing that for abilities rather than clicking....
No, this isn't quite the right place.

The Daily Grind: How long does it take you to acclimate to a new MMO control scheme?

On some level, every MMO is going to feel like it has the wrong controls to me. The reason for this is simple: My...

City of Titans is bringing the control lifestyle back, baby

Raise someone else's hand up if you have fond memories of playing a Controller in City of Heroes. The concept of a crowd control...
Don't do, well, all of the things you're encouraged to do by this game's mechanics.

Revival outlines mechanics for religion and temples

The developers behind Revival don't want your only path to conquest to be something as simple as warfare. You can also subtly influence a...
Fight for control of meaningless space!

EVE Online details the ins and outs of Sovereignty

The big focus in EVE Online recently has been Sovereignty, the process of taking control of the valuable resources in nullsec space. But how...
First reference to the Firefly theme and we lose patience.

Worlds Adrift details the design of a steering wheel

Part of the very premise behind Worlds Adrift is exploring the great big sky on an airship. Sure, we've seen how you can design...