The Daily Grind: How often do you change your MMO characters’ outfits?

One of the nice things City of Heroes' rogue servers did for the community was open up all the costume slots for everyone. Obviously,...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the biggest homogeneity problem with outfits?

Every MMO has a certain upper limit on how many different outfits you can come up with. That's just the reality. And some games...
Hooray, hunting things!

Monster Hunter World prepares to celebrate the winter holidays with the Winter Star Fest

There's no place like hunts for the holidays. That one is free; Monster Hunter World players can use that for promotions if they so...

The most amazing cosplay on display at DragonCon 2018

What's your fandom? Of course we all love gaming, but there is plenty of room in our hearts for more. And no matter what...

Valiance Online starts churning out costumes, promises a bunch of new patches soon

Why be a superhero if you can't look the part? That's half the fun, although nobody really explains in movies and comic books where...

City of Titans shows off villain costuming and body parts

Not every villainous group you will fight in City of Titans is exactly human. But the latest art development entry from the team shows...
We all live on a ship of heroes

Ship of Heroes shows off its female soldier armor

It would be unfair to say that superhero MMOs are based entirely on the strength of their costume creation, but that costume creation is...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most attractive cosmetic options?

There are a lot of games out there with really great cosmetic systems. But a great system in and of itself doesn't mean that...
A lot.

The Daily Grind: What will you do for costuming in an MMO?

Yesterday, while talking to some friends in Final Fantasy XIV, I noted that 750,000 gil for an item I only wanted for cosmetic purposes...

Our favorite costumes and cosplay of DragonCon 2016

It was literally impossible to capture all the great costumes at DragonCon -- almost as impossible is being able to accurately identify every single character;...

You can hide your costume in City of Titans

"It's taken three years. Three years of every possible thing going wrong. Three years of trial and effort, of skill and talent, of error...
Fight me, coward.

Champions Online overhauls its costume creator significantly

Half of the fun to be had in Champions Online is just about putting together a character costume. Unfortunately, that's gotten more and more...

Desert Nomad: Diving deep into Black Desert’s cash shop

Hello, friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. This week, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about a subject that has been...
ho ho no

Star Trek Online shows off its winter event rewards

In Star Trek: First Contact, Captain Jean-Luc Picard outright states that human beings in the Federation are no longer motivated by the acquisition of...
I should be in a band.

Allods Online spends a week celebrating Bards

Some classes in Allods Online are heirs to mysterious, almost incomprehensible power. Bards are not one of those classes. Bards are musical dynamos that...
Much better than content, apparently?

Champions Online subscribers receive an inflatable giraffe for August

Your friends might make fun of you for your subscription to Champions Online, pointing at the game's incredibly slow update schedule and lack of...

Check out all of Black Desert’s costumes

If you're like me, then one of the first questions you have for any new MMO isn't what classes or systems it offers but...

WildStar’s massive INVASION: Nexus patch is live

Do you want a pet? Do you want to take on some contracts? Are you excited to play around with an expanded wardrobe? Is...

City of Titans demos its first costume and combat prototypes

It's been a little quiet on the City of Titans development front for a while, but when you see the game's most recent video, you'll understand...
All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

WildStar outlines pets and wardrobe mechanics

Have you longed for a Rowsdower companion of your very own as you venture about in WildStar? Did you hate the game's costume system...