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Meet City of Titans’ six heroic archetypes

Thanks to some website spring cleaning, City of Titans made a previously hidden article visible to the masses. This particular page outlines the upcoming...

Here’s why everyone’s pissed off about City of Heroes NPCs in NCsoft’s MOBA

Yesterday, NCsoft took the lid off a secret it's clearly been working on for a while: The company means to introduce a notorious and...

City of Titans wants to take you downtown

What would a superhero MMO look like if it took place in a small town where the tallest building was only three stories? We'll...
It's a blueprint. Albeit not very blue.

City of Titans shows off the creations of the Builder

Making a city is hard work. This is true even if you're working on City of Titans and your main focus is upon making...
It looks much better now.

City of Titans offers up some meaty setting fiction

The police in City of Titans have a rough road to walk. They're dealing with organized crime and the usual thousand vices and harms...

Ship of Heroes’ character customization already looks amazing

If you're a superhero fan who loves hair -- and you probably are, if our City of Titans commenters yesterday are any guide --...

Heroes and Villains explains its goals for seamless zoning

Heroes and Villains was one chunk of the original trifecta of superhero MMORPGs that sprang from the grave of City of Heroes, but it's...

We’re gonna have gorgeous hair in City of Titans

A few weeks ago, the Massively OP writers were hanging in the news room on a tear about mohawks. We're not against mohawks. Mohawks...

City of Titans makes Santa dance to demo environments and animations

I admit that when I first saw this City of Titans video, I thought it was just a cutesy Christmas card. But nope --...

City of Titans looks at the Five Dragons gang

Superhero games aren't much fun without villains to beat up, and in a superhero MMO, there needs to be a lot of those. City...

The Daily Grind: Which City of Heroes spiritual successor are you rooting for?

I was a tiny bit flabbergasted last weekend when I saw that there was yet another City of Heroes spiritual successor project in the...

City of Titans lays out its ‘huge’ metropolis map

As the City of Titans team picks up steam in anticipation for the game's fall 2018 launch window, there are some tough choices to...
It looks much better now.

City of Titans targets a fall 2018 launch

City of Titans fans, we have some really good news for you today! The dev team posted an image on Facebook to announce the...
It looks much better now.

Go. Hunt. Kill Rooks: City of Titans unveils its latest enemy group

Anyone who has played the game that inspired City of Titans knows that they will play with a very straightforward objective: Go. Hunt. Kill......

City of Titans puts on costumes for Halloween

Just in time for the most costume-friendly holiday of the year, Missing Worlds Media has a new video and post to show off some...

City of Titans shows off fully modeled capes

Superheroes don't always wear capes at this point. There have been entire movies highlighting the need for not having capes. But it's just not...

You can hide your costume in City of Titans

"It's taken three years. Three years of every possible thing going wrong. Three years of trial and effort, of skill and talent, of error...

The MOP Up: EverQuest II says hello to Kunark (August 21, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Valiance Online preps new character creator while City of Titans spies on villains

Time to catch up on the sinister plans and inspirational acts of City of Heroes' spiritual successors. Don't worry: We won't tell anyone your...

City of Titans launches a comic-based Patreon

Developing a game is expensive, and that's why City of Titans has taken to Patreon... sort of. See, the developers are not asking for...