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The harsh lesson City of Titans learned from Kickstarter

When fans bankrolled a project to bring a superhero MMO to live to the tune of a little over $678,000, it wasn't without a...

City of Titans takes MMO player retention cue from the hospitality industry

The city in City of Titans is more than a soulless backdrop; to its developers, the metropolis is "a vibrant, living organism" that can...
It looks much better now.

City of Titans has pubbed video of its ‘functional first pass’ build

City of Heroes-inspired superhero indie MMO City of Titans has hit a major milestone this week: It's created its "first packaged executable that ...

City of Titans gives a sneak peek at four iconic heroes

As a framework for City of Titan's narrative, the team has created "The Twelve:" 12 NPC superheroes that exemplify each of the 12 positions...

City of Titans pours effort into creating a ‘dynamic, thriving’ metropolis

Metropolis. Gotham. Hell's Kitchen. Asgard. Sometimes the places that superheroes visit are just as iconic as the heroes themselves. The upcoming City of Titans...

City of Titans teases its superhero character modeling

Missing Worlds Media's Warcabbit is showing us how the superhero sausage is made in a recent post on the City of Titans forums. The in-development...

City of Titans gives a glimpse of its character creator, hints at 2016 testing

City of Titans doesn't seem to mind that some of its demo videos came to light over the past month, although the studio said that...

Valiance Online roots for City of Titans

Valiance Online doesn't see itself in direct competition with City of Titans for the throne of City of Heroes spiritual succession. How do we...

City of Titans is using government science to build its maps

The upcoming superhero MMO City of Titans has ambitious plans to build up to 40 districts for the game. But how will it create...

City of Titans demos its costume-making process

Every superhero worth her or his salt knows that it's the costume that makes the hero. Well, that and a heapload of mutant powers,...

City of Titans development finally ‘on track’

"The shadow of doubt has passed, and the state of the game is strong," City of Titans President Nathaniel Downes trumpets in his newest...
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City of Titans demos its first costume and combat prototypes

It's been a little quiet on the City of Titans development front for a while, but when you see the game's most recent video, you'll understand...

Douglas Firs cripple City of Titans’ framerate

File this under "amusing development moments:" The City of Titans team was struggling with low framerate performance for its pre-alpha test map, and only...
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