Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs that would be better off without crafting?

Crafting is important. I like crafting. In games that do it well, I flat out love it; in games that do it decently but...
Come on, people now.

Guild Wars 2 is serving up a cooking patch and ascended food next week

ArenaNet clearly knows that the way to gamers' hearts is through their stomachs. This is not, of course, how anatomy works, but it seems...
Who could have seen this coming.

The Daily Grind: Is crafting fundamental to a proper MMORPG?

There was always something that bothered me about City of Heroes, and it took until the point that the game actually introduced its crafting...
You should check your phonoe notifications.

EVE Online fan builds a custom fishtank with a Keepstar battle station

Considering how much nautical terminology space battles tend to adopt, we think it feels like a natural progression to include some scenery from space...

RuneScape shows off an hour of its new mining system

Dig things out of the ground, put them together into more useful forms, sell those more useful forms, repeat. That's the core loop of...
This won't get tedious as hell after four minutes.

Chronicles of Elyria walks you through the process of gathering and crafting

The crafting system for Chronicles of Elyria has been overhauled in the latest test build, and it is all about making sure that your...

Crowfall’s most recent video Q&A covers crafting, stats, and demonstrations

Are you ready to make some ornamental accessories?! That may not seem like Crowfall's whole raison d'etre, but one of the major points covered...

Dark and Light outlines painting your house and pets

We pray that none of your childhood pets had to endure the terror of a child with a paintbrush because all it takes is...
This is really World of Warcraft's fault, but I have to be comprehensive here.

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs would be better off without crafting altogether?

I've opined before that the best way to deal with World of Warcraft's current crafting system is to scrap the whole thing and start...
Oh, NORMAL gear? That's DUMB.

Dark and Light explains the basics of the refining forge

Why stop at a normal forge? Normal forges are fine, we guess, for doing normal things, but Dark and Light lets you make yourself...
Houses aren't that great, don't hoboshame me.

Dark and Light runs down the basics of crafting

We understand that you, personally, are committed to playing Dark and Light the way it was originally meant to be played. And we respect...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG craft skills can you do in real life?

I've just gotten back from a family trip during which I bumped into various family members with some interesting craft skills, from gardening to jewelcrafting...

Hands-on: Digging deep into Crowfall’s pre-alpha crafting systems

Last weekend, Crowfall developer ArtCraft Entertainment held the last of its February playtest weekends, inviting the game’s Early Access backers to jump into the gameworld...
I mean, nothing is real.

Crowfall is testing out its item imports and exports between worlds

The many worlds of Crowfall are built on a premise of risk and reward. The best materials are found in the most dangerous kill-or-be-killed...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite type of MMO crafting?

If you ever told someone that you like crafting in MMOs, you know that this is such a broad and general statement as to...

Wild Terra adds blacksmithing and more metal items

Did you dig up a whole lot of metal when Wild Terra introduced mining with no thought to what you'd do with it? We...

RIFT is working on a planar crafting system

RIFT crafters may soon have a good reason to get out of their safety bubbles in the city and get their hands dirty to...