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Crowfall’s latest stream is all about the art of cooking

Sure, fighting in large-scale PvP is fun, but have you considered focusing on cooking instead? The latest Crowfall livestream was all about the...

Astroneer launches the crafting update with all the crafting you could ask for

You have to add a lot of crafting to call a patch "the crafting update," but Astroneer is up to that challenge....

MMO Mechanics: Creating engaging crafting mechanics

I'm currently bogged down in an over-the-shoulder crafting blur, vicariously depleting gold and recommending several YouTube-approved crazy material gathering runs as I get my...

SWTOR is plotting new companions and solo arena fights

There's a lot of stuff coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2016. Not all of it was ready to be discussed...

Neverwinter outlines the path to masterwork crafting

Masterwork crafting in Neverwinter is not meant to be something you just start doing on your second day of crafting. It's right there...
Wait a moment, I'm out of inventory space.

Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines crafting changes in its next expansion

Everything in Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing in a big way when Knights of the Fallen Empire launches, and that...
I gots to bag it up.

RIFT introduces new Planar Crafting mechanics in its next major patch

As long as you're tearing open the spaces between dimensions in RIFT, you might as well get some new crafting materials. The...