Monster Hunter: World’s Witcher crossover comes to PC as devs plan spring update announcement

'Sup dawgs, we heard you like monster hunters, so we put some monster hunter in your Monster Hunter so you can monster hunt while...

TERA’s bizarre PUBG crossover event dropped in today

The PUBG plane seems to have flown a little off course, as air drops have started landing all over the world of

Aion NA plots End of the World event, Aion Japan plans crossover with anime Made in Abyss

It's the end of the world as we know it in Aion North America, but don't worry: It's not a sunset. The villain...
Big time.

Wisdom of Nym: Hunting the monster in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 4.36 sure seems as if it'sĀ has been dragged out. Realistically, that's not what has happened at all; the time between patches has remained...

Monster Hunter: World teases Final Fantasy XIV crossover in new trailer as Capcom stocks drop

Capcom has released a new trailer teasing the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV crossover with Monster Hunter: World, which will allow hunters...

Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV prepare a crossover while the latter prepares for a patch

We still don't yet know what rewards you'll get in Final Fantasy XIV for hunting the great beast Rathalos, but we know that...
For you it's all in a day.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back its Final Fantasy XI celebration event

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV wants to celebrate that milestone. But how? Why,...

South Korea is airing a World of Warcraft cooking show

Remember that World of Warcraft cookbook? It's heading to the next level. South Korean television will soon feature an entire cooking...
Oh no, manchildren!

Final Fantasy XIV details its GARO crossover event

It should be evident by now that Final Fantasy XIV is more than willing to have crossovers that not everyone will love. If...
A dragon's dog, Ma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online may be headed to the West eventually

At this point, there are no announced plans to bring Dragon's Dogma Online to Western audiences, something that no doubt makes aforementioned Western...
Your manager says you should shut up.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the weirdness of Yo-kai Watch

The fact that Final Fantasy XIV has now officially had a crossover with Yo-kai Watch feels rather odd to me. I'm honestly not...
This is the world we live in.

Phantasy Star Online 2 reveals the full details of its collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV

Are you eager to play Phantasy Star Online 2? Wait, scratch that; the ship has pretty well sailed on that and most of...
I'm sprcl.

Star Trek magazine provides support for a Star Trek Online crossover with the reboot universe

Remember this dude from Star Trek Online? You know, the guy that got a whole write-up just for the fun of it...

Trove’s Chloromancer takes root next week

AnnouncedĀ earlier this week, Trove's new Chloromancer class draws inspiration from the RIFT class of the same name, and now we have...