Official Site: Crowfall
Studio: ArtCraft Entertainment
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: “Throne War Simulator”
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Optional Sub)
Platform: PC

The Quick and the Gay

Coronavirus roundup: Virtual GDC, Overwatch League suspended, Crowfall and Funcom work-from-home

As the novel coronavirus pandemic's impact is felt across the globe, shutting down everything from international travel to the NBA to markets, it continues...

Make My MMO: Dragon Eye Online has entered alpha

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Dragon Eye Online, an MMO that was Kickstarted last year, hit alpha. It's a pixel MMO that...

Crowfall introduces its Thrall system arriving with the War of the Gods update

It would appear that Crowfall's War of the Gods update is bringing a whole lot of unique wrinkles to the throne war MMO....

Fight or Kite: New World’s switcheroo is the best thing that could have happened for PvPers

About a month ago, Amazon’s large age of conquest MMO, New World, announced a huge shift in focus from a free-for-all, full-loot PvP...
However you want it.

Betawatch: Crowfall hands out rewards, guides people in necromancy, and covers race disciplines

Darn it, Crowfall, could you be bothered to have a unifying theme this week? Look, it's good that you're giving out monthly rewards...

Crowfall takes a closer look at character race disciplines

Racial passives in MMOs are a bit of a dying system, but Crowfall is bringing them back with racial disciplines, which were the...
Isn't it necromantic?

Crowfall offers a two-hour tutorial on digging up graves and practical necromancy

If you've ever longed for the option to look on your crafting interface and see the option to assemble a higher quality arm for...

Crowfall will start handing out monthly appreciation rewards to its backers

How do you thank those who have been monetarily supporting your in-development throne war MMO? By dishing out monthly freebies, that's how!

Make My MMO: Fractured’s latest stress test brought it to 70K registered players

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Kickstarted MMORPG sandbox Fractured ended its second stress test with a bang this week, and unlike the...

Crowfall’s February Q&A tackles tentpole features, survival tray, and racial passives

ArtCraft's J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair are back for another monthly Crowfall Q&A, covering all the questions and big news as the...
Wow, positive.

Perfect Ten: MMOs I’m optimistic about in 2020

I didn't actually plan to make this an annual feature or anything; I thought of it last year as a fun list, and then...

Massively Overthinking: Contemplating Colossus and Camelot Unchained

You had to know we were going to talk about Camelot Unchained in this edition of Massively Overthinking, right? Last week, City State...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s roadmap, Camelot Unchained’s baby Colossus

This week in MMO crowdfunding, the Star Citizen community got busy stewing over the newly released roadmaps for SC and Squadron 42, which...

Harvesting and crafting will soon grant experience in Crowfall

February - and Crowfall's big overhaul - are inching closer, and ArtCraft has been teasing some of the big changes it's making with...
All those darn crows refuse to stay airborne.

Fight or Kite: MMO PvP needs to be memorable or it’s not worth the bother

The best combat-related moments I’ve had in gaming were always surprising feats or wild encounters with other players. They weren’t always victories, but those...

Make My MMO: Temtem’s early access, Dual Universe’s metaverse

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Dual Universe's Jean-Christoph Baillie chatted up about the development of the game, suggesting a game that's...

Massively Overthinking: The one about MMORPG content roadmaps

You know what word I love to hear from MMORPG developers? Roadmap. If you're a millennial or older, you surely remember roadtrip life before...

Here’s how Crowfall’s spellbook and passive skills are changing in the February revamp

Crowfall is back this week with another new dev diary, this one building on the UI changes coming in February (as...

Make My MMO: Looks like Edengrad and Divergence Online are abandoned

This week in MMO crowdfunding, we've got a long overdue status update on a pair of crowdfunded titles on our list, Divergence Online...
However you want it.

Betawatch: Crowfall is heading on to beta land

Oh, Crowfall, you've missed many a milestone for your planned test phases, but there's good news. The next major patch is apparently