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Studio: Amazon Game Studios

Also one of Destiny’s expansions.

I half-see.

Vague Patch Notes: Balance in MMOs is overrated

Earlier this week, we did a post all about balance in Crucible. It was a detailed post explaining all of the ways that the...

Crucible’s designers explain how the game’s balance is achieved

So, how does balance work in Crucible? As in any competitive game, balance is important, but it's kind of a vague and nebulous concept...

Crucible’s latest beta patch introduces a big overhaul for scenarios and objectives

Crucible has been one of online gaming's punching bags of the summer, what with Amazon's decision to pull the once-launched title back into closed...
It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of of theoretical games.

Betawatch: The silence on Squadron 42 was all about a video not being pretty enough

So Star Citizen fans were more than a little miffed that the news on Squadron 42 had slowed from "a crawl" to "did that...
Gone, girl.

Amazon’s Crucible delays next beta phase

For hopeful fans of Amazon's Crucible, it has not been the most comforting of summers. At the end of June, the studio announced that...
It tracks.

Vague Patch Notes: New World delays to add the game into the game

All right. Someone has to ask it, and it doesn't need to be me but it's still going to be me because I feel...

The Daily Grind: What do you think about the New World delay?

Last week's Friday afternoon news was the revelation that Amazon's MMORPG New World has been delayed for at least the third time that we...

The Daily Grind: Has the Crucible pull-back affected your thoughts on New World?

Here's the thing: I have definitely not been on the hype train for Amazon's New World for a variety for reasons. But with the...
Mr. Anderson, welcome back.

Betawatch: Crucible has re-entered beta

Ah, Crucible, welcome back to the warm embrace of being in beta. Yes, after launching with something like a bellyflop, the game is now...

Massively Overthinking: Can Amazon actually save Crucible?

Earlier this week, Amazon pulled Crucible back into closed beta for some hefty retooling, a move that surprised basically no one. We'd watched the...
I half-see.

Vague Patch Notes: Trying to salvage MMOs from bad launches

So I'm glad that Crucible got a "pull back to beta" instead of a complete shutdown. I'm surprised but still happy because that's more...

Crucible explains its playtest and tournament plans moving through beta

It wasn't so long ago that Crucible opted to take itself out of launch and move back into beta. (It was a couple of...
Gun or run.

Amazon is pulling another game back for a do-over – this time it’s Crucible

So here's the good news: Amazon isn't throwing Crucible in the trash the way it did with Breakaway. But the bad news is that it's...
Trying to gather.

Crucible plans voice chat soon along with adjustments to its Heart of the Hive

The post-release deployment for Crucible has been a bit shaky, something that the team acknowledges in its latest preview for players; no one has...
Make them fight.

Vague Patch Notes: MOBAs, battle royales, and shallow genre pools in the online gaming space

This past week, Nintendo announced Pokemon Unite, and then I had to go to see a doctor because I rolled my eyes so far...

Crucible shelves two of its three game modes as part of planned refinements

The devs of Crucible are looking to refine the team-based shooter, which has been roughly outlined in a dev post on Steam as well...

Crucible updates players on launch issues and future content

Crucible's launch week has been a bit of a rocky one by the devs' own reckoning, but according to word in the game's first...

Destiny 2 outlines Season 11 changes to perks, weapon archetypes, and the world loot pool

This week's TWAB is once again loaded with information about more changes due for Season 11 of Destiny 2. This time around, we're getting...

Black Desert spin-off Shadow Arena has just hopped into Steam early access

If Crucible isn't cutting it for you, Shadow Arena would definitely like to have a go at your time right about now. The Pearl...

Classic EverQuest’s server merge update turned into almost two days of downtime

Crucible wasn't the only game struggling with downtime yesterday. Over in the land of classic MMOs, EverQuest fans were in agony over an extended...