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Path of Exile outlines the issues being addressed for Conquerors of the Atlas

Well, Path of Exile players, it's been five days since the launch of the latest expansion, which means that you can officially declare that...

DC Universe Online introduces a progressive tax to correct money exploitation

So here's the bad news, DC Universe Online fans - the game got hit with a pretty nasty exploit that allowed players to flood...
All right, let's ignore that this game is functionally abandoned.

Vague Patch Notes: Why don’t we have more MMO psionics?

Seized by what I can only describe as an incomprehensible fit of pique, I've spent a decent chunk of my free time over the...
Very dynamic.

The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest MMO impulse purchase you’ve ever made?

One holiday season, I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. There was a sale for cartel coins running. I decided to buy in...
The scales of judgement weight heavy.

Final Fantasy XIV suspends a streamer for shaming another player live on his stream

One of the rules about playing Final Fantasy XIV is that players are to a limited extent liable for what they do and say...
This image hurts.

TERA balls up another round of Wintera starting today

It's time to enjoy the winter snowfall in TERA with the annual rollout of the game's winter festival, dubbed... Wintera. Is that...

Massively OP’s 2019 MMO Video Game Music Awards

Many of us here on the Massively OP staff have our own personal pet projects and interests that might not be as widespread as...

EVE Online’s new policy allowing developers to play EVE Online is live

It's an often-recited statement by players in any MMO that the developers don't even seem to play the game, but in the case of...
Buzzer buzzer, cling clang.

No Man’s Sky introduces music creation with the ByteBeat device

Just because you're in a big lonely void of space doesn't mean you can't fill the emptiness with incredibly fresh beats. The latest patch...
ring ring ring

World of Warcraft brings the Feast of Winter Veil around once again

It's beginning to look a lot like red jumpsuits on Dwarves in World of Warcraft as the Feast of Winter Veil returns once...

Activision Blizzard Media is launching a new player research community called King’s Council

So this is something new. Activision Blizzard Media has announced that it's forming a new player research community composed of its most active...
Darn it.

The Daily Grind: What bit of MMO lore bothers you more than it probably should?

Pandaren in World of Warcraft have always bothered me. Not because the expansion that introduced them was bad (it was certainly better than the...
He's a stranger. You don't know him.

OrbusVR brings around the Festival of Strangers for its winter holiday

So let's say a bunch of weird white-furred ape-men invade and smash up your village, leading you to form a party to beat them...
Some people can be led to joy and still refuse it.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off another free login campaign until January 14

Lots of stuff gets updated in Final Fantasy XIV, but maybe you're not regularly subscribed to see all of it. That's what the game's...
No galaxy brain here.

World of Warcraft lets you turn traitor in patch 8.3 with a little help from N’zoth

Yes, you will be able to turn traitor against your own faction in the next World of Warcraft patch. No, it's probably not what...

Forza Horizon 4 is adding in the Eliminator today, a 72-car online battle royale mode

We have learned through a fair assortment of failed titles that you can't just make a new standalone battle royale title and have that...
Gather together.

The Final Fantasy XI fan gathering is actually happening on February 27

It almost seemed like the rumor of a fan gathering for Final Fantasy XI was too good to be true for fans of...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its 2019 Starlight Celebration

It's time to get ready for another holiday celebration as Final Fantasy XIV rolls out the red carpet with white trim for
Are you a door or not?!

The Daily Grind: Do sealed doors in MMOs bother you?

I am well aware of the reasoning behind why there are several doors in Final Fantasy XIV on buildings you cannot enter. The point...

Tencent will host a cloud version of Blade & Soul in China soon

It's possible that the hacking cough that was Google Stadia's launch has turned you off from the notion that cloud gaming is the future,...