Dauntless announces the removal of aethersparks progression currency from the in-game store

If you've been following the Slayer's Path in Dauntless, particularly at the higher end of the scale, you know how important aethersparks are. For...

Lawful Neutral: Mr. Krabs’ Wacky Bucks and currency in online games

I used to watch Spongebob religiously. I loved the days when I could put on Nickelodeon and have Spongebob on for hours. One of...

The Daily Grind: What serves as your biggest MMO currency sink?

I don't really devote a lot of effort in Final Fantasy XIV into making money, but I also sort of don't need to. The game's biggest...
Hello, everything is fine.

Aion is rebalancing its economy (and removing a lot of money) with Awakened Legacy

You there! How much money do you have in Aion? Because it might just be too darn much. One of the things being done...

Guild Wars 2: Belgian players report gem-buying block, plus more on the bubble tea bans

If you're a Belgian gamer, you should probably take a peek at your Guild Wars 2 account. Multiple Redditors and forumgoers from the country...
Ain't no school like the old school.

World of Warcraft is bringing back old world bosses for its 13th anniversary

Do you have fond memories of fighting the Dragons of Nightmare in World of Warcraft back when they were relevant? Or even when they...
Please, please tell me that the kidney thing isn't real. I am actually faintly afraid now.

Going clubbing with Trion in Trove’s new update

When you are invited to go to a club with Trove's devs, you'd best get ready for fun time! Of course, I mean a...

Chaos Theory: Funcom can still fix Secret World Legends’ Aurum fiasco

Mere days after the exciting news about Secret World Legends being made into a television show, we finally hear about the game's long-awaited Aurum...
It lurks.

League of Legends increases prices in the UK over Brexit currency woes

Your pounds won't carry you quite as far in League of Legends at this point. The game's prices for Riot Points (i.e., the currency...
Ideas face challenges when born.

Wisdom of Nym: Currencies in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

You know, I was going to talk about the end of the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood MSQ this week, but I decided against it....

WildStar is finishing its switch to ProtoBucks instead of NCoins

The conversion to a proprietary currency for WildStar microtransactions is almost complete. While WildStar has been using NCoins (NCsoft's microtransaction currency), it introduced ProtoBucks...
Come and get your PLEX.

EVE Online rolls out major PLEX changes on May 9

When EVE Online releases its next big patch on May 9th, PLEX is changing in a big way. For example, the old days of...
Why do you have the Dreamworks Faces.

Paladins bumps up Essence gains significantly for players

The Paladins community was not terribly happy with the changes made to the game's microtransaction model for, let's face it, entirely understandable reasons. Introducing...
More for the slaughter once again.

Crowfall locks up EU store credit

An unexpected snag in Crowfall's digital store is prompting ArtCraft to make some changes to its European operations. "An interesting side-effect of having an official...
What's it worth to you.

Skyforge is cashing in its extensive currencies

There are a lot of different currencies in Skyforge - so many that it's easy to lose track of all of them, some of...

H1Z1: King of the Kill dumps Daybreak cash for new currency

The PvP half of the H1Z1 split, King of the Kill, has done away with Daybreak Cash as of its update yesterday. Players will...

Final Fantasy XIV updates players on tomestone changes

There's a new patch on the way for Final Fantasy XIV, and if you've been around for previous patches you know that means you're...

Chronicles of Elyria embraces ‘earn-to-play’ model

Chronicles of Elyria understands that not everyone can game around the clock, and through a couple of systems the team is striving to make...

Path of Exile updates its new currency stash tab

Launched a few weeks ago, Path of Exile's currency stash tab was intended to allow players to sort their myriad currencies into their stashes...

Perfect World’s Arc platform now offers its own daily quests

Perfect World's Arc platform is getting a big facelift, which is good news for anyone confused by the old layout and navigation, but the...