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Terraria cancels its Stadia release after Google openly mishandles the developer’s YouTube account issues

There's burning bridges and then there's firing a massive orbital strike laser at them. Google has effectively chosen the latter with its handling of...

GDC 2018: How to get exploiters to happily surrender in EVE Online

EVE Online is not known for being a happy place. It's shown even in mass media as a cutthroat world of war and theft. Dealing...
Gotta go to work, work all day.

RIFT changes achievement assist policy, promises to ‘bring back quality’ in 2017

Due to a spike in customer service tickets asking for help with RIFT's achievements, Trion Worlds is changing its policy in how it will...
Hey, it's okay.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has offered you the best customer service?

I have had three separate Final Fantasy XI accounts over the years, and because of the way in which those accounts work, it is...

Sword and Bored: Customer service

Mo learns there's a fate worse than falling through the world: dealing with customer service!

The Daily Grind: What was your last encounter with an MMO gamemaster like?

MMORPG game masters may be the unsung heroes of the industry. While developers get all of the spotlight and community managers the attention, the...
Ominous? Does that have the same root?

EverQuest test server accidentally discounts cash shop items to pennies

Let's try to walk through this particular sequence of events; it isn't pretty. EverQuest puts a new patch update on the test servers with...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO customer service repair player mistakes?

In the comments of our article discussing Daybreak's move to reduce gamemaster support for player "gameplay errors," I was surprised to see a few of...