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ROKH’s developers outline the finances of the game and how little money it made

The survival sandbox ROKH suspended development back in July, and fans have questions about why. It's easy to look at the early access title...

Space survival game ROKH has suspended development

Following ROKH's early access debut in May 2017, the space survival game faced significant obstacles. It got bogged down in a legal dispute last fall...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG offers the best ‘spiral’ gameplay?

Last week, in his Ready Player One piece from GDC, MOP's Andrew paraphrased something from Darewise's Randy Smith that stuck out to me. "hemepark development...

GDC 2018: Ready Player One Now, billion person gaming, and mitigating abuse

It's no surprise that Ready Player One was constantly being referenced at GDC 2018, especially in VR, AR, and MMO panels. It's not just because of...

ROKH studio Darewise says it’s not abandoning the survival sandbox for new sci-fi MMO Project C

Survival sandbox fans will be pleased to know that ROKH hasn't been abandoned. The game's given the appearance of struggling over the past couple...

Sci-fi MMORPG Project C announced with Thief and Half-Life 2 devs at the helm

Let us make an already interesting MMO news day a bit more so, shall we? How about the introduction of a brand-new, full-fledged MMORPG...

Survival sandbox ROKH got bogged down in a ‘legal dispute,’ but it’s been resolved

It's been a few weeks since ROKH's last developer update, but there's a reason for that: a legal dispute. "Two teams were investigating the source...

Mars survival sandbox ROKH has launched into early access

We first heard about Mars-themed survival sandbox ROKH back in 2015 when it released its teaser to the world, and then in 2016 developer Darewise Entertainment...

Mars survival sandbox ROKH pushes early access to May

Mars-themed survival sandbox ROKH is inching closer toward release, a new post on Steam announced today, as early access is now planned for May...

Mars survival sandbox ROKH delays early access to January 2017

Fans of Mars-themed survival sandbox ROKH, I have good news and slightly bad news. Developer Darewise originally pitched a $114,803 US Kickstarter campaign back in...

Mars-themed survival sandbox ROKH launches Kickstarter campaign

Darewise Entertainment has officially launched the Kickstarter for survival sandbox ROKH today. The game allows players a freeform sandbox experience surviving on an eerily...
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PAX East 2016: Mars survival game ROKH delivers demo, preps Kickstarter

The next week may be crucial to the future of ROKH, a persistent survival sandbox that happens to be set on Mars. Darewise Entertainment...

Rokh makes the planet Mars come alive

There are so many multiplayer survival games swirling about these days that you might be forgiven for overlooking one or two. We haven't heard...

Rokh offers a persistent multiplayer survival sandbox set on Mars

If H1Z1's zombies and ARK: Survival Evolved's dinos aren't your kind of survival sandbox, how about one set on the planet Mars? Darewise Entertainment and...