dark and light

Official Site: Dark and Light
Studio: Snail Games
Launch Date: June 6 2006; relaunching in 2016
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC

Whatever happened to magic-filled survival sandbox Dark and Light?

We haven't heard a lot out of Dark and Light, Snail Games' survival sandbox title that launched in early access in July 2017. While...

Torchlight III’s next early access patch reworks Dusk Mage, adds a training dummy

Get ready, get set, and go... wait a little while until Torchlight III's next patch arrives. You won't have to wait long, as the...

Early access MMO Dark and Light resurfaces for an anniversary sale

Hey, whatever happened to Snail Games' Dark and Light? The last time we checked in with this game was back in October 2019, so...

Steam’s brief Halloween sale grants deals on Elite, Black Desert, and more MMOs

It might not be the absolute biggest sale of the year, but Steam's Halloween bash has quite a few surprisingly good deals for the...

Dark and Light is launching revamped Chaos PvP servers to bolster populations

Back in October 2017, the folks at Dark and Light had elected to liven up the PvP scene with Chaos servers, which feature faster...

The MOP Up: Dauntless’ Strike Force is all up in your face

Giant monster hunting isn't just a sacred duty of those sworn to protect that one blacksmith and his family, it's also a competition between...

The MOP Up: Nexon’s Project V4 aims to be the best-looking MMO in your pocket

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The MOP Up: Star Trek Online delves into the mysteries of Yard 39

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Betawatch: The Elder Scrolls Blades gets a closed beta before early access

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Dark and Light closes another batch of servers after reducing its Steam price

There comes a time in every early access -- well, most every early access -- when rapid expansion must be met by controlled decline....
I'm on a mount!

Dark and Light drops its price as it promises it’s moving toward a full release

Gosh, we really hope you didn't buy Dark and Light last week because the title's price has just been dropped to $17.99. The announcement of...
No word on whether or not you get two comely maidens of virtue true.

Dark & Light offers up a pig costume for Chinese new year

It's the Year of the Boar everywhere, including in Dark & Light, and that means it's time for this year's Chinese new year event to...
Now my stats are good!

Make My MMO: WoW’s esports crowdfunding, Legends of Aria’s spring delay

This week week in MMO crowdfunding, Blizzard is making its debut in this column, as it officially announced that it will be partially crowdfunding World...

Dark and Light is closing down 70% of its early access servers

Snail Games' early access MMO Dark and Light has suffered a few growing pains during its development. The company originally announced it was resurrecting...

The MOP Up: Echo of Soul returns

Korean MMO Echo of Soul is now back on Steam early access after the title was shut down back around 2015 and 2016. It's...

Torchlight Frontiers’ Dusk Mage harnesses both dark and light

Don't call it Twilight anything -- the Dusk Mage has her own non-vampire thing happening. The most recent of Torchlight Frontiers' classes to be...

The MOP Up: Pagan Online slams ARPGs and MOBAs together

Tack this on your list of action-RPGs to watch. Mad Head Games announced that it is developing a blend of ARPG and MOBA with...
I'm on a mount!

Dark and Light shows off its improvements in Shard of Faith while prepping new fixes

Have you seen everything there is to see in Dark and Light's Shard of Faith update? Be honest. It's all right if it's not...

The MOP Up: Mutant Year Zero breaks down the barriers

I think a lot of us unfamiliar with the IP might be giving Funcom's upcoming Mutant Year Zero a wary look and a wide...

Dark and Light is still in early access, and now it has an expansion: Shard of Faith

As promised, early access MMO Dark and Light has pushed out its first expansion pack today on Steam, free for everyone who already owns...