dark and light

Official Site: Dark and Light
Studio: Snail Games
Launch Date: June 6 2006; relaunching in 2016
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC

Oh, NORMAL gear? That's DUMB.

Dark and Light explains the basics of the refining forge

Why stop at a normal forge? Normal forges are fine, we guess, for doing normal things, but Dark and Light lets you make...

Dark and Light vows to squash early access bugs

Early access or no, players expect their games to work right when they're shelling out money for them. The developers of the reworked

Dark and Light’s Goblin engineering will make you into a bully

Have you seen Dark and Light's Goblins? They're hands-down the most adorable gobbos ever made for an online game. So much so, in...
Find and replace 'bug' with 'feature'

Dark and Light patches its patch, apologizes again to players

For its first major content update, Dark and Light's Mysteries of Blackice Peaks proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. While...

Dark and Light apologizes for rollbacks following the ice caves patch

Nobody wants to see the word "rollback" associated with a game, including the designers. You can tell that the staff behind Dark and...

Dark and Light teases its ‘mysterious’ autumn update

Giant cyclopes, mounted combat, and foreboding mountain climbs: What might Dark and Light have in mind for its first major content update? The...

Dark and Light demos how guild leaders will manage their groups and homes

The latest video for Snail Games' early access revival of Dark and Light is about houses, but not the kind of housing...

Dark and Light’s animal taming mechanics are weirdly sadistic

Dark and Light's latest dev walkthrough video focuses on taming the wild, and Snail is talking specifically about animal taming. To start...
Houses aren't that great, don't hoboshame me.

Dark and Light runs down the basics of crafting

We understand that you, personally, are committed to playing Dark and Light the way it was originally meant to be played. And we...

Xbox One X announces ‘select enhanced titles’ that include many online games

At its pre-Gamescom press conference this Sunday, Microsoft revealed more about its upcoming Xbox One X and its glorious 4K gaming capabilities. As part...

Today’s Dark and Light patch puts an end to huffing and puffing and blowing (thatch) houses down

Snail Games' MMO-turned-survivalbox reboot Dark and Light has prepped a new patch landing today aimed squarely at the B word: balance. "This latest...

Dark and Light turns on three new servers, does a few magic tricks

Attempting to keep up with the current demand of the early access fantasy sandbox, Snail Games announced this morning that it is activating...
Like this, with cast bars.

Dark and Light fixes bugs, improves NPC lives, and shows off water magic

It seems like just yesterday that Dark and Light was showing off its fire magic, but right now it's showing off its water...

Dark and Light’s Fire magic tree does exactly what it says on the tin

Do you find yourself curious about the Fire magic tree for Dark and Light? Are you wondering what it does? Because the answer...
Like this, with cast bars.

Snail’s sandbox Dark and Light demos dark and light magic

Still on the fence about picking up the resurrected Dark and Light? Maybe today's video entry will entice you. It's all about the...
Houses aren't that great, don't hoboshame me.

Dark and Light patch serves a demolition notice to some players

A major update to Dark and Light today might serve as an eviction notice for some players' homes based on where they...

The MOP Up: SMITE’s bad news bears (August 6, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Oh, NORMAL gear? That's DUMB.

Today’s Dark and Light update nerfs resource respawn and friendly fire

Snail Games' early access MMO Dark and Light is patching up today. The studio says it's fixing the action sync issues,...

Citadel: Forged with Fire plans a Wednesday update with dragons and boars

The early access launch of Citadel: Forged with Fire was pretty darn recent, yet the game is also updating on a rapid clip....

Dark and Light reflects on early access launch, looks ahead to the future

Now that Dark and Light has (early access) launched, the team apparently decided that it is time to start printing a regular newsletter...