dark and light

Official Site: Dark and Light
Studio: Snail Games
Launch Date: June 6 2006; relaunching in 2016
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC


Citadel: Forged with Fire plans a Wednesday update with dragons and boars

The early access launch of Citadel: Forged with Fire was pretty darn recent, yet the game is also updating on a rapid clip....

Dark and Light reflects on early access launch, looks ahead to the future

Now that Dark and Light has (early access) launched, the team apparently decided that it is time to start printing a regular newsletter...

Touching base with Dark and Light mobile, Elsword, and MapleStory

Here at Massively OP, we like to give you a great deal on news, which is why we're offering this special three-for-one news post...

Dark and Light preps huge bug-fixing and quality-of-life patch

Snail Games is riding high after Dark and Light's early access launch last week, and it's already prepping its next...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 128: Geeks at Disney World

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Secret World Legends, World of Warcraft, Dark and Light, RuneScape, RIFT, and Star Trek Online, with mailbag questions on when an MMO "clicks" (specifically, FFXIV) and what non-fantasy MMOs still exist.

Dark and Light is on sale, encourages players to enjoy bugs

Are you sitting around the house, whining to your mom that you're bored? Are you doing that while technically being 35 years of age?...
Why notvern?

Betawatch: Dark and Light shines a light on early access (July 21, 2017)

For everything, there is a season, turn turn turn. We've bid farewell to Albion Online this week, as it has launched properly...

Dark and Light adds servers, patches up as it gets slammed on Steam early access

Of this there is no doubt: The Dark and Light team is getting very little sleep this week. The reworked fantasy sandbox released...

Dark and Light has officially launched into early access

Following multiple development delays, weird PR moves, gorgeous screenshot dumps, and a month of closed beta, decade-old MMORPG sandbox Dark and Light...

Dark and Light launches on Steam early access tomorrow

Dark and Light's promised "wyvern-sized" announcement has come to pass, and it's a doozy for fans who have been anticipating this sandbox...

Dark and Light teases major announcement for ‘later this week’

"We have a major announcement coming later this week -- be sure to keep an eye out, you're not going to want to miss it!" How...

The bestiary will help you keep track of your Dark and Light foes

There are going to be plenty of beasties, monsters, and wildlife that Dark and Light players will be either taming or slaughtering with...

Betawatch: Dark and Light enters closed testing (June 23, 2017)

One game enters the list and another leaves. Dark and Light has started its closed testing, although there's a very small number...

Dark and Light starts its closed beta test

Fantasy sandbox reboot Dark and Light kicked off its first closed beta test yesterday, but chances are that you are not a part of...

E3 2017: Dark and Light touts graphics tech in new trailer

Snail Games has released a fresh Dark and Light trailer at this week's E3, demonstrating the company's NVIDIA Ansel tech. "With NVIDIA Ansel,...
Who knows any more?

Betawatch: Secret World Legends opens the beta doors (June 9, 2017)

If you're an active player of The Secret World, you can get into the Secret World Legends beta at this point.

Dark and Light opens beta signups, posts new trailer

Snail Games hasn't officially confirmed rumors from earlier this week that its revivified MMORPG sandbox Dark and Light is launching alongside...

Rumor: Dark and Light is launching this summer on Steam

Chinese website 17173.com reported yesterday that Snail Games' revived MMORPG Dark and Light will launch as part of the Steam summer...

Dark and Light continues to woo the elemental demographic

Apparently Dark and Light's elemental scene is so captivating, so rich, and so diverse that it requires a follow-up developer diary to...

Dark and Light lets you kill, harvest, and stitch together magic pets

Imagine you're a hunter. Imagine that for every deer you kill, you take a part of it home with you and keep it in...