data breach

Neopets faces a potential class action lawsuit over last year’s massive user data security breach

Neopets doesn't get a whole lot of coverage here on MOP, but it earned headlines for all the wrong reasons last year when over...

Twitch suffers massive data breach as a hacker gets away with source code and streamer payout details

Twitch is having a very bad day today as a hacker has managed to hack and release 125GB worth of data, which has since...

Serious EA data breach exposes 1,600 FIFA 20 accounts

There is nothing quite like that gut-wrenching feeling when you hear a story about a data breach and then have to do that quick...
And this fad can end any time now, I'm not going to lie.

Fortnite hit with data breach lawsuit, Fortnite champ is swatted live on stream

Epic Games and Fortnite are not having the best week. First, according to Polygon, the company's been hit with a class-action lawsuit in North...

The ESA’s 2019 E3 journalist database breach wasn’t at all a one-time thing

Last weekend, we learned that the Electronic Software Association, the US's biggest video game lobby backed by some of the biggest companies in the...

Black Desert Online locks (some) player accounts in the wake of data breach

Black Desert Online appears to be in the midst of an account-security fiasco, as a recent forum post from GM Rhotaaz has announced that...
Mortal Online

Mortal Online warns of data breach, advises users to change passwords

If you've been playing Mortal Online this spring or summer, you should probably be aware that a troubling data breach that happened last month...