data breach

Mortal Online warns of data breach, advises users to change passwords

If you’ve been playing Mortal Online this spring or summer, you should probably be aware that a troubling data breach that happened last month has possibly compromised some of your information. The team assured players that the hackers didn’t gain access to any credit card information, but still, it’s not a happy day for anyone this affects.

“On June 17th, 2018, we were notified that our databases might have been breached,” the team posted. “At that time, we cut access to the website from the outside and started an investigation.”

Mortal Online’s team said that it is working to shore up the vulnerability that allowed this to happen. Still, if you’ve registered an account with the game, take precautions: “If you used a password on the forums or in the shop that you use on other sites, then change them immediately! We also recommend that you change your account passwords.”