Black Desert’s Reddit community erupts over Pearl Abyss’ datamining suppression

So how do you feel about dataminers? One player apparently datamined a significant chunk of info about Black Desert's so-called hidden stats, posting...

World of Warcraft has a Tortollan pet in its data files

Because World of Warcraft and Hearthstone ostensibly take place in the same world, the latter frequently gets to fill out the lore...
Can we?

New datamining points to potential World of Warcraft subraces for the next expansion

First of all, a disclaimer for those who need it: Using datamining to figure out what's going to be in the game in the...

Pokemon Go: The Milwaukee lawsuit, rare Pikachu, and the gym reporting problem

It's been almost a year now since non-expat Americans were able to play Niantic's Pokemon Go. While we're naturally seeing birthday rumors, the...
Iconic or no, I just don't care.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood CE trailer, datamined expansion job

When Stormblood releases in June, Final Fantasy XIV fans are going to be able to play Red Mage and... at least one...
I want to go back (go back)

Datamining hints at new content coming to Star Trek Online

So what's next for Star Trek Online? Intrepid dataminers have been poking around in the game's files since the last patch and found...

Pokemon GO confirms rumors with Generation 2 update, 7800-store Starbucks rollout

The Starbucks leak is at least partially true: Niantic has confirmed that Pokemon Go has teamed up with the coffee company. Starting at...
Now if you can have meaningful interactions with everything herein, that would be something.

Star Citizen dataminer uncovers a huge city in the game’s files

It would be pretty disappointing if you could land on all sorts of planets in Star Citizen without ever uncovering more than abandoned...

Get a look at both sides of World of Warcraft: Legion’s Illidan

Datamining and expansion exploring continues unabated for World of Warcraft: Legion. Wowhead has several previews of new models posted, including a...
More than you know.

The Division is datamined out with a bit more Brooklyn than expected

The Division is almost here full-time, all the way live, and so forth. Don't want to wait until tomorrow, though? You can just...
Would you like to see something unsettling?

WoW Factor: The view from outside the Legion alpha test

I've been paying rapt attention to the ongoing-though-paused World of Warcraft Legion alpha tests  because said tests are looking good. That's a positive. Whilst...

Datamined files point to a SMITE PS4 version

Hi-Rez looks like it might be preparing for further expansion into the console market with an upcoming PlayStation 4 port of its popular MOBA. One datamining site...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy Guild Wars 2 datamining?

I know, I know: Solid information about Heart of Thorns is coming really slowly from the Guild Wars 2 PR machine, making...
Create and destroy alike!

PlanetSide 2 has potential patch features datamined

So what's going to be in the next major patch for PlanetSide 2? Are you going to wait for official patch notes like...
Hugs now!

Guild Wars 2 fans datamine Warrior and Engineer elite specs

Why wait for ArenaNet to announce the last few elite specializations for Guild Wars 2 when you can just mine for all...
More droining, not like this.

Guild Wars 2 datamining uncovers Engineer drones

It's been a little while since Guild Wars 2 revealed another of the elite specializations coming to the game with Heart of...