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Could mean anything.

Former Gazillion CEO apologizes for Marvel Heroes’ chaotic 2017 shutdown

Ah, Marvel Heroes. The game would've turned nine years old this month, had it lived, but of course as veteran MMORPG players know, it...

Disney has canceled Marvel Heroes, Marvel has ended its relationship with Gazillion

We can now confirm this as real, following a statement made by a Marvel representative to Massively OP. We're updating below. According to Kotaku, Disney...

Marvel Heroes’ update silence has stretched to four weeks; here are the latest developments

I'm afraid we still can't say that Marvel Heroes is going to be OK, as we've now gone an entire month since the last...

Marvel Heroes has now missed three weekly updates in a row as Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters

It's now been two weeks since we've had any word on the state of Marvel Heroes, as today marks the third missed Friday update in...

Marvel Heroes studio Gazillion has fallen eerily silent – here’s what we know about the sexual misconduct allegations and missed updates

Something weird is going on at Gazillion. On October 20th, the studio delayed its regular Friday Marvel Heroes update summary, promising details on Monday. Almost...

Marvel Heroes offers instant streaming service

While it doesn't take super-long to log into Marvel Heroes, the thought of being able to click and play near-instantaneously is an attractive thought,...