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Dungeons and Dragons Online opens the Project Nemesis raid

Today's patch notes for Dungeons and Dragons Online may be only a mere paragraph, but within that paragraph lies a big challenge indeed....

LOTRO Legendarium: The first year of LOTRO’s operation

It was April 24th, 2007. World of Warcraft players were deep into The Burning Crusade, SOE had just launched Vanguard, and the...

The Stream Team: Bounty hunting in Dungeons and Dragons Online

A hideout for thieves, smugglers, and ne'er-do-wells of all stripes, you say? That sounds like the perfect place for Massively OP's MJ to visit...

Dungeons and Dragons Online starts testing multiple patches ahead of Update 43

There's a lot coming down the pike for Dungeons and Dragons Online -- so much so, in fact, that Standing Stone Games has...

Perfect Ten: Great MMOs that will run just fine on your old computer

The other day a friend was telling me that he used to play EverQuest Online Adventures very regularly back in the day, but...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 228: Justin, interrupted

Justin and Bree discuss anticipated MMOs, Warframe, FFXIV, WoW Classic, Pagan Online, Fallout 76, RuneScape, Blue Protocol, and Elite Dangerous, with mailbag questions on how MMOs find audiences and how we pick which MMOs to cover.

Lord of the Rings Online shares its huge Update 24 soundtrack

One of the more underrated contributions to the MMORPG music scene these days is coming from a guy you may never have heard of:...
This took some work.

The Game Archaeologist: Ironman modes and elective permadeath

One facet of video games that's been around almost since the very beginning is difficulty levels. This allowed the player to choose how hard...

The MOP Up: Conan Exiles pops its god bubbles

Bubbles. They are marvelous things that thrill children, turn gum into an art form, and apparently ward off evil barbarians from being naughty. Of...
Doom approaches.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 221: Classic Warcraft flavor

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic, City of Heroes, Blade and Soul, Star Trek Online, Square Enix, and Dungeon and Dragons Online, with mailbag topics on how WoW Classic fits into the MMO genre and getting back into City of Heroes.

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Masterminds of Sharn launches today

After a short delay, Dungeons and Dragons' latest expansion released to digital munchkins today. Masterminds of Sharn marks only the...
Time is on my side, after a fashion.

Global Chat: Is it worth it to subscribe to MMOs?

MMO blog Altar of Gaming has a fascinating series going on in which Rimuru is evaluating whether or not it's worth picking up a...

LOTRO Legendarium: My vision for free-to-play version 2.0

A few weeks ago I embarked on an experiment that I had hoped would make for a fascinating column. Basically, I created a brand-new...

Evil boxes are totally taking over Dungeon and Dragons Online right now

Angling to do something fun this weekend? How about get your face mauled by a fancy box? That's what Standing Stone has in store...

Dungeons and Dragons Online delays its Sharn expansion to mid-May

Disappointing news for players looking forward to playing Dungeons and Dragons Online's newest expansion next week: It's not going to happen. Next week,...

Perfect Ten: MMOs for puzzle lovers

Ever find yourself complaining that all of the PvE content in your MMO is nothing but shooting something in the face or chopping down...
Yes, this is a thing.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO minipet?

Minipets: Either you love 'em and collect 'em like crazy, or you don't care for 'em and resent that I've been shortening "them" for...
Everything old is... well, it's actually still old.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 216: Star Wars frenzy

Justin and Bree discuss big SWTOR expansion news, plus news from WoW, Blizzard, Guild Wars 2, Skyforge, TERA, Albion, Blade & Soul, and DDO, with a mailbag question on MMO expansion difficulty.
Yes, this is one of the few cases wherein EA kinda gets to be the good guys.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 215: Anthem exposed

Justin and Bree discuss Anthem and BioWare, Guild Wars 2, DCUO, RIFT, Albion, DDO, Dragon Quest X, and Black Desert, plus a mailbag topic on event fatigue in MMOs.

Adventure Academy is an ‘educational massively multiplayer online game’ launching May 1

Adventure Academy is going to mystify the typical gamer: There are no dragons to fight and no lockboxes to fight over. But if...