Lawful Neutral: Examining DDoS attacks and their impact on MMOs

When I was younger, used to play with LEGOs with my cousins all the time. We'd spend time creating huge houses and vehicles that...

World of Warcraft perseveres under weekend DDoS attacks, WoW Classic fixes layering exploits

It was a pretty annoying weekend to be playing some of Blizzard's titles -- in particular, World of Warcraft Classic. Players noticed significant disruptions,...
Uh... hmm.

Another DDOS e-thug has landed jail time – this one owes Daybreak $95K

We get so many tips about MMOs being DDOSed that we often don't even cover them unless they stretch on for days or there's...

Albion Online checks in with an update from the DDOS defensive front

As we reported earlier, poor Albion Online is suffering from some protracted DDOS attacks because... well, who really knows. Director Robin Henkys has checked...

Another e-thug responsible for DDOSing SOE years back is brought to justice

Hey, remember a few years ago when there was a new Lizard Squad article like every month, thanks to the fact that the e-thug...
It's a boss, and it is deadly.

Final Fantasy XIV is weathering intermittent DDOS attacks

Ah, the DDOS attack, a time-honored way of making a large number of players upset simply because someone can. Final Fantasy XIV has been...

World of Warcraft DDOSer sentenced to a year in prison, Blizzard chats about Battle for Azeroth’s latest round of faction wars

Blizzard is not messing around with DDOS attacks. The BBC has a piece out on a World of Warcraft player from Romania, Calin Mateias, who...

Trion deals with DDOS attacks while ArcheAge dives into its Maelstrom update

Trion Worlds is reporting "intermittent" attacks on its Dallas hub over the last day that are causing connectivity issues for some of its online...
The joke here is that the dungeons for this game were miserable slogs.

WildStar, Blade and Soul, Aion, and Lineage II come under DDoS attacks

Hackers launched an offensive against NCsoft yesterday, targeting several of the company's MMORPGs in a series of DDoS attacks. WildStar, Aion, Lineage II, and...

Albion Online wings a week of extra time at players for DDOS disruptions

Albion Online emerges this week extremely battered and bruised after a prolonged series of DDOS attacks against the game and even demands for ransom...

Albion Online offers proof that it is still being DDOSed by RMT blackmailers

It's hard not to feel sorry for Albion Online. As we've been reporting, the newbie sandbox has been absolutely plagued by a long series of nasty...

Albion Online’s DDOS blackmail saga continues

I've more than once joked with our writers and readers that Massively OP is not an uptime monitor, but we're making a special exception...
This guy, though... he didn't get it.

FFXIV updates players on DDOS attacks, teases Tuesday patch content

A series of DDOS attacks on Final Fantasy XIV this summer kicked Square Enix into high gear to defend itself. As the studio seems...
Make it PAIN

Final Fantasy XIV is hit by a DDoS attack causing network difficulties

Is there any better time for DDoS attacks than right after the launch of a new expansion? Apparently not; Final Fantasy XIV reports today...

RuneScape DDoS hacker gets two years in U.K. prison

Ever hear that expression, "His name is mud?" It applies on every level to the incarceration of one Adam Mudd this week, who received...
Load it up.

APB Reloaded fends off DDOS attack

APB Reloaded can't seem to catch a break this month. Following severe lag and crashes with its console version earlier in April, yesterday the title...

Asheron’s Call appears to be suffering DDOS attacks

If you've been trying to get into Asheron's Call this weekend for one last look ahead of its sunset -- and failing -- you're...
Price shark.

RIFT steps up its DDoS countermeasures

While RIFT players have been sallying forth in Starfall Prophecy to combat the forces of Ahnket, Trion Worlds has faced a much tougher fight of...

Pokémon Go lifts the ban on some third-party map app users

Pokémon Go has a word of warning for those players using third-party map applications: Stop or you could be banned. Niantic said that even...
You thought wrong.

WoW hit by DDoS attacks attributed to Lizard Squad [Resolved]

Bad news for players looking to log into World of Warcraft or Blizzard's other online games. The studio shared that it's been weathering DDoS...